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Write It, Do It!

No description

Science Olympiad

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Write It, Do It!

What Is Write it Do it?
Write it Do it is one of the many events in the Science Olympiad competition. In this event, you will compete as a team of two- one person will be the writer (one who writes the directions), and the other person will be the doer (one who follows the writer's directions to build the object the writer tells them to). The writer is shown an object that could be abnormal (however, the object will be the same for all of the teams). The object will be made out of many materials, such as scientific objects, household/simple materials (push pins, paper cups, Popsicle sticks, etc.) or branded materials ( Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc.).

How to Succeed
To do well at event, you need to PRACTICE!!!
Simulate competition- put on timer, have writer write, then have builder/doer build!
With practice, skills will improve, so you will do well at competiton
Only numbers, words, and single letters can be used in the directions ( with the exception of punctuation marks and editing symbols)
All abbreviations must be defined (create a key)
If you are typing, you can only use symbols on a standard PC keyboard, and they cannot have any meanings except their normal definitions
There also cannot be pre-done abbreviations
The team that build the closest replica of the original given object and has proper written instructions will win first place
Each material that is in the same place as it is on the original will earn the team points
Similarly, every object that is in the wrong place will result in a loss of points
Other: If the any of the rules are broken, it could mean the team loses points or even gets disqualified
Random Facts/Tips
The time for construction will be used as a tiebreaker if necessary
To get training resources/reference materials, go to www.soinc.org
By Pranati, James and Alex
Science Olympiad
Write It, Do It!
Then, the writer is given 25 minutes to
write instructions for the builder on
how to build the object. Since there is
no advantage to finishing early, it would
be better to spend the entire 25 minutes
on writing the instructions. Even if the
writer finishes early, he/she should spend
any extra time they have on revising
their rules.
After the writer finishes writing
the directions, the builder is
given 20 minutes to build the
object as accurately as possible
to the object that was shown to
the writer while following the
writer's directions.
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