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Copy of Lean Canvas Template

A template adapted from LeanCanvas.com which was in turn adapted from The Business Model Canvas (BusinessModelGeneration.com)

Aaron Ward

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lean Canvas Template

Problem Solution Key Metrics Existing Alternatives Unique Value Proposition High Level Concept Unfair Advantage Channels Customer Segments Early Adopters Revenue Streams Cost Structure PayPost - low cost online payment gateway Customer - limited content access, poor UX, too many devices/remotes

Content owners - marginalised

TV advertisers - passive broadcast experience limits CPM and effectiveness

Retailers - lack customer relationship outside store
Integrate all video sources into existing TV (and other devices)

Conver Free online payments using your EFT-POS card Brand - trust & credibility

B2B relationships with volume billers eg. utilities, telcos

First mover - "winner takes most" market Billed transaction count (addressable)

PayPost registered users

Monthly active users (MAU)

Payments / MAU Retailers


Shopping cart integration High volume, low margin transaction processors eg. utilities, telcos

Online retailers

Aggregated product providers eg. TradeMe, GrabOne Subscription fees

Transaction fee (revenue share) Gateway transaction charges

Marketing, brand development

Customer service (merchants) Internet - Youtube, bit torrent etc

DVD rental

Satellite Online EFT-POS Energy companies

NZ Post Adapted from LeanCanvas.com which is in turn adapted from The Business Model Canvas (BusinessModelGeneration.com) Validated Symbol Legend Invalid To be tested Assumption testing order / importance Resell new payment gateway technology using EFT-POS network
Users register once with PayPost
Pay by PayPost with any retailer who offers this option
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