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lyric school and society


Stephanie Howe

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of lyric school and society

Sex Education

What is Abstinence-Only Education?

-Promote abstinence from sex
-Do NOT acknowledge that many teenagers will become sexually active
-Do NOT teach about contraception or condom use
-Avoid discussions of abortion
-Cites sexually transmitted diseases and HIV as reasons to remain abstinent

What is Comprehensive/Abstinence plus Education?

-Promote Abstinence from sex
-Acknowledge that many teenagers will become sexually active
-Teach about contraception and condom use
-Include discussions about contraception, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV

Main argument against comprehensive sex education?
Promotes premarital sexual activity Main argument FOR comprehensive sex education?

Abstinence-Only sex education blurs the line between separation of church/religion and state, and deprives students of the knowledge needed to make smart decisions with regards to their physical health. (contraceptives and STI’s) Federal Funding of Abstinence-Only sex education
In 2002 federal funding for abstinence-only education reached $102 million
1. AFLA (Adolescent Family Life Act) also known as the “Chastity Act”

2. Abstinence-Only Curriculum Welfare Reform Act of 1996

3. SPRANS-CBAE (Special Projects of Regional and National Significance–Community-Based Abstinence Education)
“The committee recommends that: Congress, as well as other federal, state, and local policymakers, eliminate requirements that public funds be used for abstinence-only education, and that states and local school districts implement and continue to support age-appropriate comprehensive sex education and condom availability programs in schools.” -Institute of Medicine, 2001 Sex & Sexuality 101
In Schools

Lyric, Stephanie, Theo, Lizzy, Taylor HB 1292

“The school district shall teach about family life and sex education in regular courses on anatomy, physiology, health, home economics, science and so on. If a separate family life or sex education program is developed, it shall be a non-required,noncredit course. Any planned curriculum that includes instruction concerning human sexuality shall be based on scientifically-researched content standards in accordance with state law.”

Whats Going on in Colorado Schools House Bill 1292

Passed in 2007, this bill made it mandatory for Colorado schools to teach comprehensive sex education courses.
Discussion of abstinence may still be included, and parents are encouraged to become involved in curriculum planning.
Schools are still given the option to not teach a sex education course.
Was a controversial decision because it takes away power from the district.

HB 1292

Received criticism because people thought it would ban the teaching of abstinence.
However, it is explicitly stated that schools should “emphasize abstinence and teach that sexual abstinence is the only certain way and the most effective way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections.”

Sex and Sexuality 101
Syllabus Unit One: Anatomy and Contraception Unit Two: Gender and Sexuality Unit Three: Relationships, Children, and the Long-term Obama and Sex Education

-Obama eliminates funding for community based abstinence only education

- Instead he supports Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative which uses evidence based models to conduct research

-Obama’s progressive ideas about sex education confronts issues regarding sex in a much more realistic manner.
-Not only does Obama’s new plan save the country up to $150 million/year but it also tackles the issues surrounding sexual education in a more direct manner

-Humans are sexual beings and attempts to ingrain abstinence only practices are a futile effort

-Working within the community to help educate about teen pregnancy is much more effective than simply denying the problem exists

-Abstinence only teaching has proven to cause a 10% decline in the use of condoms
-Funding specific organizations in areas where things like teen pregnancy are more prevalent is a grass roots strategy of Obama’s administration

-To blanket all of America with the same abstinence only education discredits the governments connection to reality

-Addressing issues in a direct manner will get student’s attention and build teacher’s credibility amongst student. Obama’s plan will tell students the truth they deserve to hear.

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