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Review Game

Scarlet Letter Chapter 15

Bailey Benton

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Review Game

Vocabulary 1. Blighted- to destroy, ruin, frustrate (pg.166) 2. Sere- dry; withered(pg. 166) 3. Verdure- flourishing condition; vigor (pg.166) 4. Sedulous- persistently or carefully maintained (pg.166) 5. Deleterious- harmful in influence (pg.166) 6. Malignant- very dangerous or harmful in influence (pg. 166) 7. Eventide- evening (pg.167) 8. Nuptial- a wedding or marriage (pg.167) 9. reciprocated- to give, feel, etc. in return(pg.167) 10. Betoken- indicate (pg.167) 11. Impalpable- unable to be felt by touch; not easily comprehended(pg.168) 12. Dexterity- agility; cleverness (pg. 168) 13. Purport- the meaning, import, or sense (pg. 169) 14. Capricious- given to sudden and uncountable, changes of mood or behavior (pg. 170) Review Game 1. What is Hester's feeling towards
Chillingworth? A. She loves him
B. She hates him
C. She is sympathetic towards him Correct answer is B. 2. What is Pearl doing when Hester is watching Chillingworth leave? A. She is sleeping
B. She is talking to Dimmesdale
C. She is playing with rocks, foam, and making boats Correct answer is C. 3. What does Pearl come back to Hester dressed as? A. a mermaid
B. a monster
C. a bird Correct answer is A. 4. What is the "A" made of on Pearl's outfit? A. leaves
B. sand
C. eelgrass Correct answer is C. 5. What does Pearl ask Hester over and over? A. Where Dimmesdale is?
B. What does the "A" mean?
C. When are we going home? Correct answer is B. 5. What does Hester say she will do to Pearl if she does not stop asking why she wears the "A"? A. strangle her
B. hit her
C. lock her in a dark closet Correct answer is C.
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