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Images of Australia

Collection of Australian ads.

Amanda Doyle

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of Images of Australia

Blokes drink beer Dads are a bit useless We are an outside nation We are defined by our environment All of them together... Boys are larrikins... and take no rubbish! Boys are tough! We also have songs... Girls don't drink beer, they wear bikinis. Or are mothers... Watch these two examples then list as many ads as you can which echo these themes. What are the implications for our country being defined this way? Watch these beer ads. Head up two columns in your books; Masculinity and Feminity. Describe how the genders are portrayed in each. Women (and thoughtful men!) have fought for equality between the genders. Consider how alcohol is sold to women. How is it different? How have the women been represented in this clip?
We might excuse this because the ad is obviously old and dodgy.

How many current ads can you think of where women are portrayed in this way? List the characteristics of a good Australian mother as outlined in the following: This one has lots of female soldiers, too. Do you think there was any difference in the way they were presented? Watch these two ads again and answer the following questions. What information and images has been forgrounded in the first ad? What is its purpose and intended audience?
What has been forgrounded in the second ad? Can you identify its purpose and intended audience? (This is trickier.) Your turn!

Create a storyboard for an advertisement promoting Brisbane (or another another Autralian area you know well).

For the political/analytical/terribly funny/cynical amongst you, an anti-ad would also be acceptable.
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