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Hw plants adapted to the amazon rainforest

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Emily Longville

on 4 September 2011

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Transcript of Hw plants adapted to the amazon rainforest

Orchids are flowers that are found worldwide. Orchids have adapted well to life in the canopy. Their large roots enable the orchid to absorb water and nutrients. Orchids have an extra root system, they can store large quantities of water for use during dry periods. Bromeliads are another flower species found in the Amazon rainforest. Their thick, waxy leaves come together in the center to create kind of a bowl that helps with catching and holding rainwater. A large Bromeliads can hold as much as several gallons of water. There are as many as 2,500 different species of bromeliads, they are found living within all layers of the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. Amazon Water Lily have leaves that can span as large as 8 ft or more, this Amazon flower is capable of holding a grown human. This flower has adapted a unique way of ensuring the survival of their species. The female Amazon water lily flower, has a pure-white that is quite beautiful. The flower can create a chemical reaction that produces a scent that the scarab beetle is attracted to during the night. when it is day time the lily closes, and the beetle gets trapped inside the flower. The following day, the water lily changes to be a male, when the scarab beetle attempts to get free it is covered in pollen. At this point the amazon water lily turns pink and this color no longer attracts the beetle, the flower opens back up in the evening, then the beetle moves on to the next white flower, and the pollination process continues. Medicinal Flowers in the Amazon rainforest have been proven to have medicinal properties. Some of these flowers include: Clavillia, which is used to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites; White Trillium, which can help cure snake bites if the leaves are chewed, can help ease childbirth if the petals are chewed and can help cure fever. Manaca flower is used for relieving pain, prevents mutations, reduces inflammation. Welcome to my plant project. I hope you enjoy it!!!!
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