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The Grammar Translation Method is Dead! Long live GOOGLE translate!

An exploration of the linguistic tools available to learner of English, focusing on GOOGLE translate.

Steve Neufeld

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of The Grammar Translation Method is Dead! Long live GOOGLE translate!

Superficial inspection suggests no outright plagiarism. no variety; students get bored easily, loss of motivation teacher is the only authority in class no interaction between students only vocabulary and grammar focus other aspects of language are simply ignored not only helps a student learn a language but also makes them study literature of the community, so students learn about culture of people who talk that language helps student develop good skills in reading and writing skills they really learn the important elements of a language of grammar and vocabulary Building word knowledge and content schemata Translation BG (Before GOOGLE) The pros and cons of the traditional grammar translation method What GOOGLE translate looks (and sounds) like.... Let's see how we can use GOOGLE translate to learn about these animals in a foreign language - Czech Dealing with authentic texts in the target language The Grammar Translation Method is dead! Long live GOOGLE translate! The initial input window, show original and target languages Interactive--just put your mouse over a target word and it links to the original Click on the target word for alternatives Students are free to explore the lexis as they see fit, in context. Depending on the language, the translation can be sensitive to context. Using two or three tabs, it is relatively easy for students to build a vocabulary list. The word lists can be turned into flashcards by a simple copy and paste operation Find or cobble together a suitable text for an assignment to write more about the Dugong Translate from original (English) to French. Translate from French to German. Translate from German back to the original (English) The future may be stranger than fiction GOOGLE goggle APP - point, click and translate (2010) How will we as teachers respond to the emerging technologies for translation and summarizing ?
How can we equip students to take advantage of the opportunities to develop their language?
Are we facing a sea change in the way we communicate? What are the implications for teaching languages?
How can we as teachers be better informed and prepared to adapt to new and emerging technologies?
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