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pak crystal

on 27 March 2013

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IES PRESENTATION Sub questions: 1. What is internet addiction?

2. Does internet addiction affect interpersonal relations?

3. Does internet addiction affect academic results? Why? Motivation: 1. Past studies: one- fifth of teenagers
2. Nowadays: problem is getting more serious?
-> trend is increasing?
-> arouse public awareness
Indicators: imbalance lifestyle
emotion upheaval
source of conflict with others Crystal Pak 5E (29) From the perspective of teenagers studying in Hong Kong secondary schools, what are their perceived impacts on internet addiction? Methodology Primary data:
Quantitative research
-> Online questionnaires
No. of respondents: 70
-> HK teenagers aging from 13- 19
Books and newspaper articles
Secondary- hand data: Videos, online reports
and journals. Limitations and Suggestions: 1. Open- ended questions
-> data collected not directly respond to the question
-> answers having similar meanings compared to
options provided

-> invalid and no follow- up
actions Limitations and suggestions: 2. Questions are not diversified enough
-> Other factors? e.g. Teacher- and- student relationship
A further research can be done in this aspect Significance: Negative impacts
-> Heath, academic performance, interpersonal relationship
Positive impacts
-> Relations with friends MAJOR FINDINGS: 1. Health (Physical health) Symptoms of feeling unwell:
e.g. Headache, sore eyes, neck pain, etc 1. Health (Mental health) 1. Academic performance 90% of respondents agree I.A. will negatively affect academic results 10% of respondents do
not agree I.A. will negatively
affect academic results 2. Interpersonal relationship (Family) Fewer
communication Still maintain satisfactory results YES: 61.4% !!
NO: 38.6%
-> Less face to face communications 2. Interpersonal Relationship (Friends) 1. Academic Performance ‘’Students may also experience profound academic problems, eventually resulting
in poor grades, academic probation, and
even expulsion from universities.’’ by Young in 1998 HEALTH ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP
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