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iStation Reading

No description

Rachel Massarella

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of iStation Reading

iTeaching By:
Terry Callaway
Rachel Massarella
Ross Vanhuss Authors:

Patricia Mathes, PhD
Joe Torgesen, PhD
Jeannine Herron, PhD iStation The tests in the computer program are designed to show the areas where the student might be weak in the five basic reading areas. Purpose of the test Readnaturally.com

Isteep.com (only fluency and oral reading)

Renaissancelearning.com Comparison to Other Tests The teacher can administer the test to the entire class in one thirty minute session. Year of Publication 1998 Criterion-referrenced

A computer program designed to show the areas where the student might be weak. Type of Test Publisher Designed for grades
K-12 The sample consisted of three North Texas School Districts/Private Schools. Norming Sample Only valid for grades 4-8 Test-retest was used to determine reliability. The tests were administered over a three month period. The total students sampled were 3,225 but only 2762 of those students were used to formulate the data. Pros of Test Use Once a month for thirty minutes. Suggested Usage The program is designed to allow the student to have fun while testing and easily provides reports for the teacher to determine the individualized instruction for each student.

However after looking at all of the data we have concerns about the reliability of the test because it only tested students from North Texas and is only considered valid for grades 4-8. We Agree with the Author We believe that the program is reasonably priced and could potentially save teaching time. Our Opinion! The teacher is able to focus on a particular area for a student as well as identify early which students who need additional instruction.

Also, this can easily show the teacher if there is a skill that the entire class is missing and needs to be addressed. Relevance to Teachers As a Teacher... Can be used as a progress monitoring tool and to evaluate teacher effectiveness. This is multi-stage process that follows for each subset (reading area) and is calibrated under the 2PL-IRT model. The program does not necessarily allow the teacher to change the students placement if the teacher does not agree with a particular testing session. The program is also designed to show where each student is on each reading level. Another pro is that the students feel like they are playing a game when testing. Another pro is that the students feel like they are playing a game when testing. Cons of Test Use Tests are administered monthly to progress monitor each student. However, if a student is absent, then the teacher will have to take additional class time to administer the tests. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6829667&height=400&width=300 Grades/Ages Validity Reliability $70 per student for annual subscription (from calendar date to the calendar date of the following year)

If iStation provides directly to the teacher, the cost will be $75 per week for three 30 minute sessions whether it is for one individual student or for small group. iStation is the publisher of the iStation program. Cost of iStation
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