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Early Release 04/20

Early Release Professional Development April 20, 2010 Focus on Questions

Kathy Walker

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Early Release 04/20

Cues, Questions & Advance Organizers Celebrate Strategies
and the use of
throughout East Middle What's the Question? What do we Remember? HYIS from the past Setting Objectives Providing Feedback Homework & Practice Nonlinguistic Representations Summarizing & Note Taking Cooperative Learning Bloom's Taxonomy T-Shirts Identifying Classroom Strategies To Study The Outsiders For Student Learning Early Release PD
April 20, 2010 Celebrations PBS Set Visit Strategy Rewind Foldable - Your New Bloom's Guide
Work Time Use the next 30 minutes to work with
your PLC and create questions for use
in KnightTime and Core.

Strive for higher order questions.
Use the posters or your foldable as well
resources from the EIMS PD Wiki

http://eimspd.pbworks.com/FrontPage EIMS PD NORMS Start & End On Time
No Sidebars
Follow Agenda Write to Learn http://pearsonkt.com/WriteToLearn/nc/eims/teacher Student-Support Plans
A look at best practice EOG Training Leadership Profile Remediation Feedback PIC Strategy
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