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Learning Styles

No description

Jaime Massa

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Learning Styles

Learning Styles VS. Learning Strategies Learning styles are general approaches that students use in aquiring a new language or in learning any other subject. Examples:
Visual These are the overall patterns that give general direction to learning behaviors. Aspects of learning styles:
sensory preferences
personality types
desired degree of generality
biological differences

Learning Strategies are specific actions, behaviors, steps or techniques. Examples:
Seeking out conversation partners or giving oneself encouragement to tackle a difficult language task When the learner consciously chooses strategies that fit his or her learning style and the L2 task at hand these strategies become a useful tool kit for active, conscious and purposeful self regulation of learning. Learning strategies can be classified into 6 groups: cognitive
memory related

Learning styles are not black or white Learning strategies are not specifically good or bad
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