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Gunjan Nanchahal

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Thesis

India Centre - A centre for Art,
Culture & Tourism Promotion
India Centre - A Centre for Art, Culture and Tourism Promotion,
New Delhi.
Fashion Hub, New Delhi

Cultural cum Tourist Centre:

a building or complex that promotes culture and arts.
a location where there are theatres, art galleries, performing arts.
where people from gather to express elements of their heritage through the arts.

The idea is to bring all cultural activities in the Capital to a single venue and make
it into a big cultural and tourist hub.
The tourism industry is widely regarded as having the ability to generate high
levels of economic output.

Thesis Topic Proposal
The capital has its origin from 1450 B.C. and has been in continuous existence for over a thousand years now. It is an important city in the Indian subcontinent. Given its vibrant community, made up of people belonging to various cultures,
Delhi requires more cultural centres.

In spite of this rich and diverse cultural heritage,
Delhi is used only as a gateway
for travelling to Jaipur, Agra and other cities of tourist interest.

Delhi receives 62% of foreign travellers
and NRI visiting India. There has been
no concerted effort to project Delhi as a Tourism Destination
, with attractions to provide the visitors 2 – 3 night stays.

Thus, there is an emergent need to make Delhi a cultural destination
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