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Research Question

No description

Max Scribner

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Research Question

SEL relies on a strong teaching core.
Community Support
Administrative Support
professional burnout
student involvement
external support
Factors to Consider
SEL in Schools
What is SEL?
What are we trying to do here?
How could rehabilitative character education programs such as SEL be implemented in high schools to maximize their impact on at-risk students?
Social-Emotional Learning is the idea that students benefit from social/emotional interactions in addition to the traditional course material, as these skills are crucial to any life path.
History of SEL
Direction of Research
SEL is a prominent topic
increased awareness (CASEL)
progressive educational policies are gaining attention

feasible & Practical
impacts academic performance
cost/resource efficient
Why SEL?
What We Gained
James Comer
Daniel Goleman
Original research question: In what ways do SEL programs impact the academic success of students?
In what ways do SEL programs impact the academic success of high school students?
Authors: Roger P. Weissberg and Maurice J. Elias
How could rehabilitative character education programs be implemented in high schools to maximize their impact on at risk students?
So SEL programs are good?
This is all very elementary
what do we want to accomplish?
Knowledge is power
The research process
At-risk Students
What's the problem?
increasing risk and increasing problems
Mix of different SEL programs, because of no standard, all programs have ups and downs.
school-wide approach
supervisor availability
direct addition to classroom
tracking progress
parent involvement
expert consultation

Out of the cooking pot and into the fire
What causes these problems?
Require thorough training so they can handle the material.
May call for a national standard for teachers to follow.
Implementation into Blair
Looking forward
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