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¿Got Cuadernos?

No description

Tracy Gruman

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of ¿Got Cuadernos?

Got Cuadernos?
The Curriculum
Gimme just a sec to find that paper.
Are you tired of hearing....
I'm not sure where I put those notes.
Or how about.........
Vocabulary list? What vocabulary list?
Oh, I don't have that anymore.
I didn't think we needed it so I threw it away.
Can I have another copy?
I lost mine.
Emailing parents about how they can help their student learn the language?
Being a human dictionary?
Or wondering how you'll meet the needs of EVERY learner?
Or my personal favorite.....
I don't remember this.
We didn't learn this last year.
Or if you're lucky......
Is there a study guide for this test?
I know they're somewhere in my backpack!
And seeing.....
Do you find yourself......
And exhausted?
Making copies all the time?
1. Spanish Basics
2. Basic Grammar
3. School
4. All About Me
5. Food
6. Family
7. Home
Papers thrown into the backpack?
Loose notes falling out of binders and folders?
If you answered "Yes".....
Then you need Cuadernos InterActivos or CIAs!!!
The "CIA"
Benefits of the Inter-Active Notebook
The "CIA" helps PARENTS....

they know how to help their student study.
it gives them something tangible to see his/her student is learning
it allows them a "window" into our classrooms
The "CIA" helps the teacher....
stay organized
be efficient with time (minimal copies)
by providing differentiated materials for SPED and 504 learners
by providing a "skeleton" curriculum where the textbook and other materials enhance the lesson
help his/her learners better by providing them with structured, well-thoughtout notes
Visually Helpful
Various Formats
Thinking/Mind Maps
Double Bubble
Bridge Map
What do I need to know for test 3?
Promotes use of both visual and linguistic intelligences
Develops organizational and critical thinking skills
Improves ability to organize ideas and information to provide a study reference for quizzes and tests for each unit
Are an effective learning strategy because they turn student notebooks into meaningful and personalized records of learning
Spanish Cuaderno Tips
Vocabulary Lists
What do Spanish 1 students learn?
What do Spanish 2 students learn?
1. School
2. Special Events
3. Shopping
4. Downtown
5. Driving
6. Childhood
7. Emergencies & Natural Disasters
8. Vacation
Vocab list?
What vocab list?
Or if you're lucky......
Is there a study guide for this test?
What do I need to know for the test?
Making photocopies and/or emailing parents all the time?
If you answered "Yes"
Then you need an Inter-Active Notebook!!!!!
Oh, I threw that away. I didn't think we needed it anymore.
Visually Helpful
Katrina Garivay - Prosper ISD
Tracy Gruman - Lewisville ISD
And seeing......
1. Expectations
2. Vocabulary Lists
3. Time
4. Supplies
What are students saying about the CIA?
"I like how.....
all my notes are in one place."
you can fold the vocabulary pages over to study the words outside of class."
we set it up together (step by step)."
Other Feedback
"My kids are doing so great because of your book" - Dyslexic Specialist Prosper ISD
When referring to the CIA......"Ooooooh, you mean the MAGIC book?!?" - Spanish 1 student
Are you ready to make your life and the lives of your students easier?
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