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Understanding the Generations


Victoria Rosario

on 9 March 2010

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Transcript of Understanding the Generations

Gen X
Gen Y
Born 1925-1945
What shaped them
World Wars & Korea
Gen Z
Born 1946-1954
Born 1955-1965
GLI: Why?
What shaped them
What shaped them
60 year olds are working beside 20 year olds
New college graduates are overseeing employees old enough to be their parents
Boomers may expect a phone call or in-person meeting on important topics; younger workers prefer virtual problem solving
60% of employers say they are experiencing tension between employees from different generations
Aged 65-82
41 mil
Aged 54-64 & 45-55
80 mil
Aged 34-44
41-46 mil
Aged 16-28
70 mil
Aged 6-15
23 mil
Born 1965-1980
Born 1980-2002
Born 2002-
We don't know much about Gen Z,but we do know they:
are not good listeners
severely lack personal skills
have little verbal communication skills
are used to instant action and satisfaction
have strong opinions
don't take suggestions well
2020 sky is bluer than ever
Beautiful sunny Sacramento Day thanks to achieving zero emmisions following Australia's lead
Silver, my robodog
Solar powered, computer, projector, responds to voice command, likes to be petted, easy to operate
All DSL learners have a robopet.Dogs are popular, but all types of quadrapeds are used, including leopards, baby lambs and baby goats.
Many lawsuits filed after 2012 charging that technology advancements caused cancer and other lillnesses as well as brain damage and human rights violations.
Last week RoboCorp finally settled all pending lawsuits.The details were withheld as part of the settlement all parties agreed to silence. It was all over the news.
RoboCorp settles out of Court!
Who is Who?
How do we learn to get from here
To here?
A Digital Native is considered to be a person born and who has grown up with 21st centuarty technology. Generally, Digital Natives were born as of the late 1970's.
In contrast is the Digital Immigrant. They are those of us that were born and raised bfore the 1970's.
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