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Matthew Moreno

on 15 August 2010

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Transcript of ghng

Hello, this is Matthew here, And I am going to tell you THE history of one of the world's most famous snacks, Chocolate. Hang tight and read on!!!! The Earliest Known use of chocolate ever was in the Native Americas, around 1200 B.C, when the ancient Mayan tribe were actually drinking what was known as Xocoatl. They would grow these cacoa trees, which produced these beans, and were ferminated. But it was not as sweet as chocolate was today. It was actually very bitter, and used for celebration purposes. Many years later, in the 1500's, the Spanish conquistadors, who came from Europe, came to the americas and discovered the Native Americans. Soon, they learned about the "Chocolate drink" and brought the secrets of it to Spain. Soon, some genius mixed it with sugar, cinnamon, and other spices, heated it up, and then the hot chocolate became a court favorite in Spain for a few years until it became a huge hit in Europe. THE History of CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! BY: Matthew Moreno During the Industrial Revolution in the 1700's in Europe, chocolate became more
avaliable to everyone more than ever. For example, chocolate became more eaiser
to produce by the factories that replaced very hard labor. Also, the invention of
the cocoa press in 1815 "punched out" cocoa butter to make cocoa more consistent
and cheaper to produce. But the most important thing was that it finally was
open to the public and not just to the upper courts. Machines made chocolate
more affordable to everyone, and soon, it became more popular with everyone. After that, chocolate was finally made solid in the 1800's.
But in 1894, a new chocolate company was created by Milton Hershey,
the founder and genius of the company that started a huge craze in
not only the U.S, the location of the main production, but also in the
world. Demands became higher and even produced over a billion chocolate
bars that was used for rations in the U.S army during the World War II.
They would evetually expand and became the leading North America chocolate
manufactor and continue to provide over 90 countries with their great
American classic. And so, to this day, chocolate has become not only
an American classic, but also aroud the world . Now,
this flavor has been included in all sort of goodies,
including ice cream, cakes, candy, hot cocoa, and even
chocolate chip cookies. I can go on and tell you about
how they evolved, but that's another story. So in the
I envision chocolate being even more introduced in other
cultures, like non-melting chocolate, lickable chocolate
lollipops, chocolate-flavored pizza, and even more. So this is Matthew Moreno as your narrator, and thank
you for reading this prezi!!!
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