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German shepherds

No description

mya white

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of German shepherds

Family and Friendly Dogs
Best guard dogs EVER!
German Shepherds are the best guard dogs I have ever seen. They will still always love you and will ALWAYS protect you no matter what. These dogs have very strong instincts and want to guard their homes and owners. Because of these things German Shepherds make great guard dogs and police dogs.
Interesting Facts About German Shepherds

German shepherds!
Things German Shepherds Need
German Shepherds love to run and play! A fence will make it safe for them to run and play. You should not leave a German Shepherd alone in the backyard. German Shepherds want to be with their families. If you leave them out there alone they will act very poorly. After a fun day of running and playing, German Shepherds need a quiet place indoors to sleep. A soft blanket is perfect for them. People who own German Shepherds need to buy a few other things for their dogs like a leash, a collar, an identification tag, and lots of toys. An identification tag will help you if your German Shepherd gets lost. This will help contact your dog. Toys will also help your dog from getting bored and most importantly chewing on your furniture.

One And Only Top Dogs
The German Shepherds are one of the most popular kinds of dogs in the United States. German Shepherds might be big but they are still loyal and loving pets. German Shepherds love to be with their family. These amazing dogs are not just smart but they are brave too. That makes them good at many different jobs.
German Shepherds fit very well in families. They always like to please their owners. Some people might worry with having such a big dog around children. But don't worry German Shepherds are very careful around the children they know. They are very loving and protective. German Shepherds have a lot of spirit and must be trained to obey their owners.
Puppy Times
The German Shepherd puppies have very floppy ears when they are born. Their ears start to stand up when they get a little older. After about 8 weeks into a German Shepherds life they may leave their mothers. German Shepherds can live to be 15 years old. If a German Shepherd was 15 years old he or she would be 105 in dog years.
Most Loyal Dogs
These great German Shepherd pets that we all know and love, are a best a very popular breed of dogs. Everyone I know loves these kind, loyal, smart, fun, and active dogs. German Shepherds have a great sense of smell too. A fun fact about German Shepherds is that they can smell someone from a mile away.
Like all the other dogs,German Shepherd mothers are pregnant for nine weeks. When they are born, German Shepherd puppies are very tiny. German Shepherds begin to hear and see when they are 10 to 14 days old. German Shepherds can be hard to handle if they are not trained properly. Training must start the day you bring your German Shepherd home. Allowing your puppy to make more and more friends will make it a happier pet.
- German Shepherds were orignally taught to herd sheep and protect them for whatever animals are hunting them.
-They are now working for police hunting out bombs and drugs.
-German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs, and they are used to help dogs who can't see well.
-German Shepherds are the third smartest dogs in the world
 -Rin Tin Tin was a very famous German Shepherd. He played in 26 movies.
By:Mya White
Thanks for listening!
Have a great day!!!
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