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Oppror clothing

No description

Josh Chumola

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Oppror clothing

Oppror clothing
Oppror clothing started with wakeboarding and later on went into snowboarding. The lead team rider for oppror ( dyllon) wanted to make a company. He asked his friend (mike fisette) if he wanted to help dyllon
Type of business
Oppror clothing is a goods business, because they sell clothing.
It is a profit business, because they work for money and not for free.
It is a partnership business,
because there is more than one person in the business.

Product information/customers
Oppror CLOTHING really only sells clothing.
Teens are the main customers for this business, because the clothing is only really style for teens.
Oppror clothing is a very successful company because they have a lot of people buying from their stores and their websites.
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