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Bloodshed at Velasco

No description

Mia Luna

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Bloodshed at Velasco

John Austin
John Austin's party were on a mission. This mission was to get rid of the Mexican fort. Settlers located cannons for the attack at Anahuac. They planned to take the big guns down by ship on the Galveston Bay and then, they could fire away on Bradburn's outpost.
The Mexican Government and Texas Settlers
The Mexican Government and the Texas settlers had hard feelings. This had lead to the violence and the bloodshed. Settlers had worked hard to be against their leaders, but they did not give up on Mexico.
Obstacles for John
There were obstacles for John. A Mexican fort stood on the banks of Velasco. Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea ordered John's ship to stop. Texas settlers refused, and they fired on the fort. Another group of settlers attacked the ground. Fighters from both sides died or had horrible wounds from the battle. Ugartechea had no more ammunition and surrendered.
Bloodshed at Velasco
A key word:

1. What was the Texas Settlers plan?
2. What was the obstacle that got in the way of John Austin?
3. Why did Ugartechea surrender?
4. What does reform mean?
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