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Once Upon a Time

No description

brendon Degner

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Once Upon a Time

The theme of the TV series "Once Upon a Time" is, love has no bounds. In the story we are constantly presented with the quote "True love will always find each other". This is repetitively stated in order to highlight its significance in the series. Another quote regarding love that is consistently mentioned is "true love is the most powerful magic". The whole story line of "Once Upon a Time" revolves around love. Everything that occurs, occurs because of love. As shown in later episodes, it becomes evident that even the curse originates from a deep hatred resulting from loss of love. Another deep resounding quote stated is "when people are supposed to be together they find a way" again bringing the focus back to Love.

Emma is a character who was brought to the town of Story Brooke by her son Henry. She gave Henry up for adoption, but was reacquainted with him at the beginning of the series. According to Henry, it is Emma's destiny to save the town of Story Brooke. Although to Emma it sounds absurd, it is clear to the viewer that Henry in fact speaks the truth. She is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, a royal family, destined to save the Kingdom. Emma is a kind person with a strong personality. She has blonde hair and a slim build. Emma is the protagonist in the "Once Upon a Time" series. She is constantly fighting against the town mayor, Regina. Emma represents good while Regina represents evil.

Henry is the biological son of Emma. He was adopted by Regina (the mayor of Story Brooke). Henry is a very important character because of the part he takes in freeing Story Brooke. He is the one who not only carries the truth (the story book) but understands the truth in it. He is a very important aspect of the series because he puts the plan of restoring reality into effect. He leaves Story Brooke and brings Emma (the savior) back with him. He then begins to work to convince Emma of the truth. Henry is a young boy with a kind personality. Henry is a static character, his personality through out the series does not change, he stays constant with his original beliefs.

In this season of "Once Upon a Time", Rumpelstiltskin is a dynamic character. His change is from good to evil. He begins a poor man in a small village but through a series of events to save his son he becomes "the Dark One". The dark one is a representation of total evil. In this we can see a major change in not only his looks but also in his character. He becomes a cold hearted, power loving being, who cares for nothing but his personal gain. His face becomes scaly and "creepy" looking. He almost turns inhuman. Through this change in character and appearance, we see a major transformation from good to evil. Due to Rumpelstiltskin's magical abilities, he has the power to conjure what people desire, therefore, he becomes known as a man who makes deals. One thing that he continually says is "all magic comes with a price" which is seen to be true in later episodes.

Pure Hearted
Dreamy And Nova On The Hill
"Fruit of The Poisonous Tree"
Regina Talking To The Genie
All Episodes
Red's Home
Rumpelstiltskin Kissing The Officer's Boot
Throughout the "Once Upon a Time series, we see glimpses of Little Red Riding Hood's home. Her home is always presented as a safe bright place. It is shown as a warm, safe gathering where someone can feel at ease. By being presented this way, it directly reflects Red and granny's character traits. They are both calm, easy going individuals and because of this, the atmosphere around their house is relaxed. The setting of Red's house is purposely comprised of soft light elements. These help build the reassuring atmosphere of safety.
In this scene, the setting is presented to us in an ominous way. The feeling the viewer receives is one of unease. The viewer can see that something is not right; there is an unnerving mood being given off by the setting. The surrounding is very dark and the camera movement is very slow. Although the walls are white, it is a very dull white, with the air around being grey. The characters speak slowly and deliberately creating even more of a sense of foreboding.
In this scene, bright lights shining against a dark backdrop are used to bring forth feelings of joy. The darkness and night represent the unlikeliness of Dreamy and Nova starting a life together. The scene depicts the two of them standing on the top of a hill looking out into the world of nothing but blackness. If it were not for the lights of the city and fire flies, Dreamy and Nova would have no hope at all. In this scene lights can be seen in the distance. These lights represent hope that Dreamy and Nova can love each other and be together. The fireflies also represent hope and freedom.
In this scene, the kissing of a boot is a very important symbol. It symbolizes unwilling submission, as well as surrender. When Rumpelstiltskin is required to kiss the officer's boot, it inflicts humiliation. It depicts him as a lesser human being with no worth. It causes him a great amount of sadness because it required him to completely surrender to the officer's will. When Rumpelstiltskin is required to do this, it also foreshadows the later event when the officer must kiss Rumpelstiltskin's boot. At this point, the tables are turned and the officer is the one being humiliated.
Person vs Person
In the first series of "Once Upon a Time", we recurrently see Regina and Emma confront each other. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum, with Emma being good and Regina being evil. This is a resounding conflict in the story, good is constantly battling evil. This struggle is most clearly evident in the conflict between Regina and Emma. One major thing Emma and Regina contradict each other on is the issue of Henry. Although Regina is his legal guardian, Emma finds herself wanting to be his mother with increased desire. This creates an even greater feud between Emma and Regina that grows with each meeting.
Person vs Person
Henry is held back by his mother Regina. He is in a scenario where he is unable to accomplish his goals. For example, Henry wishes for Emma to be his legal guardian but this can not happen because of Regina. Henry also wishes to help destroy the curse and to do this, he needs to spend more time with Emma, which of course is difficult because of Regina's position in Henry's life. Henry and Regina confront each other at many points in the series. They have very different view points resulting in arguing and disagreement.
Person vs Self
In this series of "Once Upon a Time", Emma struggles with the idea of her being the "savior". She struggles with the notion of her being part of a "fairytale". She cannot fathom the idea that she must work with Henry and others who are good to defeat a magical queen. Emma is caught up in reality and struggles to open her mind to other things. We see repetitive examples of this, as both Henry and August attempt to convince Emma of the truth. August even goes so far as to bring Emma to the place she was found as a child and explain how they where really transported from another universe. He explains that she was saved from the curse so she could one day return and save Story Brooke
Point of View
"Once Upon a Time" is a TV show presented from a third person limited omniscient perspective. As a viewer nearly everything can be seen. The directors of "Once Upon a Time" specifically design it this way to give the viewer an all seeing eye. This is a good choice for this series because it allows the viewer to better understand what is going on. There are many complex and abstract examples used in the series and by using this perspective the viewer can better understand the TV show. For example when Snow White and Prince Charming are warned about the evil Queen's curse, we not only see the preparation made to stop the curse, but also the curse being created. This switch in setting and character highlights the perspective of the show.
The Queen's Apple Tree
The Queen's apple tree symbolizes confinement. It symbolizes confinement because like Regina, it is trapped and stationary. The apple tree is stuck in a place with no other trees. It is surrounded by rock and stone unable to be in its natural environment. In the same way, Regina is trapped, wishes to be somewhere else and has no desire to be in the castle. She is stuck living with a man who she does not love and is restrained by this.
Story Brooke
In the episode "That Still Small Voice", the audience begins to realize there are very few sounds in the city of Story Brooke. Henry brings this to our attention by telling Emma that no crickets can be heard at night. Once this is brought to the viewers attention, it begins to become apparent that there is in fact very little sound in Story Brooke. After Henry is rescued from the old mine, something clicks, and crickets can be heard. This symbolizes hope, hope for the end of the curse. The crickets that can be heard show a break through in the curse, resulting from Emma's appearance in Story Brooke.
1. Pilot
2. The Thing You Love The Most
3. Snow Falls
4.The Price Of Gold
5. That Still Small Voice
6. The Shepherd
7. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
8.Desperate Souls
9.True North
10.7:15 Am
11.The Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree
12.Skin Deep
13. What Happened To Fredrick
14. Dreamy
15. Red Handed
16. Heart Of Darkness
17.Hat Trick
18. The Stable Boy
19. The Return
20.The Stranger
21.An Apple Red As Blood
22. A Land Without Magic
The climax of this series occurs in the last part of the last episode. It hits us unexpectedly and leaves us wondering what will happen next. The climax occurs when Mr. Gold unleashes a spell that will return magic to the regular world. He uses Emma and Regina as tools to acquire his "true love potion" and by doing this, he gains possession of it. He then proceeds to use it to cast a spell on the town of Story Brooke, leaving us to wonder what will occur next.
Rising Action
Person vs Society
A more hidden conflict evident in the TV series "Once Upon a Time", is the conflict between Regina and the rest of society. Despite the fact Regina holds power and magic, she is portrayed as an outcast. Regina has a deep hurt, resulting from loss of love in her past and this causes her to be a very evil woman. She pushes people away and struggles to form relationships. Society hates Regina for this. Regina is loved by no one in the story, not even her own son, and this highlights the struggle between her and the rest of society.
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