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Historical Investigation: The Aztecs

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Hannah White

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Historical Investigation: The Aztecs

Historical Investigation
An Aztec temple
Depiction of an Aztec religious ceremony
involving sacrifice
Aztec Aqueducts

Why did I choose this topic?
The Aztecs have one of the greatest empires in ancient history. They developed some of the most interesting religious customs and rituals, in addition to building and expanding an empire in just 200 years.

Conducting the Investigation:
Whilst conducting the investigation, various useful sources were analysed such as History Channel documentaries, books on the Aztecs written by historians, and informative websites dedicated to accounting the history of the Aztec Empire.
A map of the Aztec Empire
Explain the factors that led to the expansion of the Aztec Empire.
The Aztecs had one of the greatest empires in ancient Mesoamerica. They made great engineering achievements in addition to exercising numerous factors such as warfare, religion, art, economy, and technology which led to the expansion of the Aztec Empire. They had strong and influential leaders who, mostly, pursued military conquest to expand their empire. After 200 very successful years, the Aztecs and their empire were unfortunately defeated by the Spanish, destroying the empire by 1521.
Pros & Cons:
What was really useful during this investigation was using a variety of sources such as books, websites, and videos. This allowed for a more broad understanding of the topic. However, one of the hard things was initially finding these sources and the right of information to generate an essay that supported the question. This issue was overcome by simply looking deeper into the research and seeking guidance from others.
How did certain factors such as warfare, art, religion, society, and engineering affect the expansion of the Aztec Empire?

How did the Aztec's relationship with their allies boost their economy, and ultimately, help with the expansion of their empire?
-Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztec Empire was founded in 1325 by the first Aztecs.
-Beginnings of the empire thrived because of the Aztec's strong position with their allies in the Triple Alliance.
-The early settlement of Tenochtitlan had to battle with the natural forces of water, however they continued to rebuild the city.
-They defeated the Tepanecs to gain control of the Basin of Mexico, which led to the construction of the aqueducts.
-Numerous rulers, or tlatoani, had great effects on the expansion of the empire, most of them doing this by military conquest and administrating their power.
-The Aztecs had many other great engineering accomplishments such as their temples, roads, causeways, and chinampas.
-One specific ruler, Tizoc, suffered a great military failure.
-The rulers after him though are some of the most well known in ancient Mesoamerica and carried the empire until they were conquered by the Spanish.
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