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Man vs. Society

No description

Kaitlyn Binczak

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Man vs. Society

Man vs. Society is when a character struggles against government, religion or etc.

Jewish persecution during WW2
A kid is forced to assimilate to high school social norms
Man vs. Society Definition
Man vs. Society is the main point of conflict in many movies/books such as:
Hunger Games
Breakfast Club
Foot Loose

Examples of Movies with Man vs. Society
In the movie Avatar a man is put into an army to get rid of a civilization of blue creatures. They want the civilization to move to another location cause there town is built over rich treasures. But the civilization prays to their god in that one location. Jake Scully(main character) is told to go into a replica of a body from the civilization. After getting used to how they live he wants to help them fight for their land so he starts a war to help keep their land.

Man vs. Society
By: Kaitlyn, Jake, Aidan
Man vs. Society situations have been going on for many years. Key examples are:
-Jews vs. Germany
-Colored vs. Whites
Current Events with Man vs. Society
-People around the U.S. fight against the government to have gay marriage legalized in every state.
Gay Marriage

-People around the U.S. fight against the government to have abortions illegal in every state.
-Illegal immigrants around the world fight against government to legalize this act that allows them to stay in the U.S. if they were born and raised here.
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