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Mp3 players

No description

Liz Stedman

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Mp3 players

MP3/4 players!!! What is an MP3 player? An MP3/4 player is like an Ipod but a cheaper
brand. It was designed so that people with
little money could experiance an Ipod for them-
selves. Only this was an MP3/4 player. :) Depending on what type
of MP3 you have, You can have
multiple users.
Audio Highway were the first company
to bring out a Portable MP3 player. And also
uploading MP3 audio content onto a presonal
computer and then downloading them onto
your MP3 player. Who were the first people
to bring a MP3 player out? Screen. Control pad. These are the different
colours you can get. Zunescene MP3 players. Do you need headphones??? You do not need earphones for
an MP3 player. Although, if you are not
using your earphones it would not be ideal
to use your MP3 player in a car or around noisy
enviroments. Putting the battery to the test!! A MP3 player= 25 hours of audio. 5 hours of video.
Tested MP3 player= 20 hour. video about 4-4.5 hours.
What can I use to put songs and media
on my MP3 player??? Some of the ways you can transfer music is by:
*Iriver plus 3 media player
*Firmware updater
*Video converter
*Windows Media Player 11 You can currently put microSD memory cards
in your MP3 players to expand your memory. The control pad
is used to change from
song to song.
The volume buttons are located
on the side of the MP3 player. Diagram of inside
an MP3 player MP3 technology??? Gets its Name from the files
you store on it. http://videos.howstuffworks.com/howstuffworks/91-mp3-reviews-video.htm http://videos.howstuffworks.com/planet-green/27835-g-word-solar-mp3-players-video.htm Links to HOWSTUFFWORKS. These guys
can explain stuff way better then me :D Bibliography http://pocketpccentral.net/mp3c/!howto.htm http://www.explainthatstuff.com/how-mp3players-work.html http://www.anythingbutipod.com/archives/2008/03/iriver-e100-review.hpt All the information about Iriver MP3 players came from: http://www.iriver.com.au/iriver/index.cfm?pageID=1&
And I was just navigating my way around the site to find the
Information I needed. What is it's power source? It's power source is usually batteries.
But in some MP3 players you may be able
to plug them into a wall or computer to charge
them. For example the MP4 players get plugged
into a wall to charge. What does a MP3 player look
like inside? Accessories The basics are:
*The MP3 player itself
*Maybe batteries
*Standard USB cable
*Software Some of the other accessories include: *Cases for you MP3 player *A 2-way split Earphone connection * Screen protectors. *Speakers- Dock to project the sound. These docks
can be Radio active as well as just music. You can also have docks that have alarms in them. *Car charges *Some of the cases can be water proof as well
to make your time in the water more fun. *You can buy extra earphones if necessary.. *extra cables in case you misplace or loose
your previousones :)
Some pictures: Zune touch Standard MP3 player Inside the factory
when they are making
and MP3 player. This is a dock that you
can get for your Zune touch. Zune MP3 player.
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