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The Algonquian Peoples

It shows you what the Algonquian peoples were all about, like how the hunted, their transportation, their clothing, food, and religions.

Susan Li

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of The Algonquian Peoples

fhgh GD By: Susan,Gayle,and Tommy Their Shelter Their Location The Algonquian Peoples were located in northern Canada. They lived in the forest, areas of rocks, or near lakes, so it is convenient for them to capture food. The Agonquians believed that they were created by the Great Spirits. They thank the animals for sacrificing their lives so they could provide food for the people. Their spiritual leader was called a shaman, who was an expert about the future. Some shamans gave helpful advice or were docters. The Algonquians were nomadic, they had very less possessions.
In winter, they use snowshoes to walk around easily. They also use toboggans.
In the summer, they pretty much walked, but when they need to cross a large amount of water, they went in canoes. Their Transportation Their Beliefs Their Food The Algonquian men were hunters. They hunted moose, caribou, deer, bear,rabbit,beaver, birds, and they fish. They also collect maple syrup. The women gather wild rice,berries, and roots. They also plant seeds for vegetables. The Algonquians The Algonquian people were nomadic. Being nomadic means you don't technacally have a permanent home. When they chose a place to stay, the men set up a teepee like tent, called a wigwam. A wigwam has a hole on the roof unlike a teepee so when they set up a fire, the smoke can escape through it. The frame of the wigwam is basically made up of tree branches. The outer covering of the wigwam is made of animal skin, hides, or sheets of bark. 1 2 3 4 5 The Algonquians
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