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Big Ben

No description

Erik weber

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Big Ben

by Erik Weber Big Ben History Big Ben was designed by Charles Barry in 1856. They started construction in 1859 on 31st of may it took them thirteen years to finish there build. history 2 Big Ben was constructed so everybody was able to tell the time. It was also so London could get tourists so money could come into London. It was constructed to be able to be seen anywhere in the city How was it constructed Big Ben was constructed like any other big building. It was constructed with big cranes and other big machines. It took a long time of 16 years to complete because of the massive clocks. What are it's main features The main feature of Big Ben is the massive clock on the top of it. The clock was the biggest clock of it's time. Big Ben is currently as a tourist attraction. It is a very old building and a very big clock. It looks awesome and is awesome Big Ben is famous because it is the worlds
biggest clock. It is a famous because of this
and a tourist attraction. www.bigbenfacts.co.uk/facts/index.html Introduction Big Ben is a tower witch has a
massive clock on the top of it. It is
located just off bridge street in London. Big Ben is a popular
attraction and is a very big clock! Bibliography What is it
currently used
for Why is it famous www.londondrum.com/cityguide/big-ben.php
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