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Strong Women in Harry Potter

lit presentation

Shiyun Lim

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Strong Women in Harry Potter

Significance of women in Harry Potter
By the ones
Janine Foo
Lim Shiyun
Tan Ja Lyn
Nicolette Lim
Yvette Tan
Lily Potter
predominantly female traits

-Sacrificed herself on October 31 1991 for her son, Harry Potter.
-Love and sacrifice has protected Harry more than just that one time and her actions embedded themselves deeply into Harry. She represents a mother’s love and sacrifice for her child.
-Practically started the whole story
-Eg. Goblet of Fire, Deathly Hallows

Lily Potter nee Evans
She is the brain of the Golden Trio
-Narcissa Malfoy lied to the Dark Lord that Harry was dead when he was not.
- Willingly risked her life to allow her son to have a chance at living.
-Wanted to get back against Voldemort because he almost got Draco killed during the "Half- Blood Prince"
-Her sole concern was for the safety of her child.
-It is only because Voldemort does not understand a mother's love for her child, that he believed Narcissa. As Tom Riddle he was not enough to keep Merope Gaunt's will to live.
-Even though her love is different from Molls Weasley's bubbly affections, her love for her child is as great as any mother's.

to the wonderful world of
Harry Potter
Narcissa Malfoy nee Black
Molly Weasley nee Prewett
-Mrs. Weasley is certainly one of the main mother figures not only to Harry, but to the readers and watchers of the series.
-She can also use that toughness and perseverance that got her through taking care of seven kids to get them through hard times
-She will fight to save her children
~eg. When Bellatrix Lestrange attempts to kill Ginny Weasley in a fight, Mrs. Weasley rushes forward, hurling curses and killing Bellatrix.
Thank you for accompanying us on this wondrous journey!
without her,
there would have been no Harry Potter after The Philosopher's Stone.
Her role:
females are
Disappointment to the Book of Ideal Shipping

Unwavering loyalty
Stayed by Harry's side through thick and thin
Magical objects that Voldemort (the villain) used to hide a piece of his soul in.
There were 7 Horcruxes they needed to destroy to annihilate Voldemort completely from the face of this Earth.
follows both her and her
Her role as a woman:
bestowed with traits typically male
balances Y-chromosone
gender equality (sort of like feminism)
She dresses unusually, she proclaims her strange beliefs openly.
OTP: one true pairing
Often the butt of jokes. Her peculiar habits and odd beliefs make her the target of teasing and ridicule.
Luna's greatest moment, came at the very end of their fifth school year.
Luna seems to be more serene and composed than most of her peers. Her deeply-held beliefs, although not understood or accepted by those around her, do give her a certain dignity.
Luna is a puzzle. She is odd, there's no doubt, but she has a strength and peace about her which serves her well in difficult situations.

Role of Women in Harry Potter
Female characters are prevalent throughout the story in many different roles
Use their wit and logic to get out of dangerous situations and support the male characters as well as fight alongside with them
Help to progress the storyline and develop the personalities of the characters in the story
E.g Professor McGonagall as a strong female character who plays a very significant role in the Harry Potter series
serves as a contrast

unique, strong and complex female characters that are represented with roles just as equally as the men

Portrayal of women bring out the story's charm and wit and has enabled the story to progress effectively

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