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Teenagers and Social Networking

No description

Cristhian Azuero

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Teenagers and Social Networking

Teenagers and social networking – it might actually be good for them
Teenagers unable to socialise face to face.
Teenagers can be more creative.
Teenagers can get helpful contacts using social networks.
Teenagers' addiction can be beneficial
Teenagers' Privacy
Computers increase student's ability.
improving the way we communicate
There are more heavy readers.
Improving students' skills.
Distraction and addiction are serious problems and can lead to a reduction in homework and sleep.
Distraction and addiction can be a problem.
Teenagers can be more sociable.
Research has found that teenagers who spend hours texting on the computer can have a broader social life.
More confident and sociable with others
have bad manners and they show disrespect for the people around them.
It is a powerful tool with a lot of benefits.
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Teenagers are fighting for their privacy rights.

California passed a law
Protecting teenagers' privacy.
dependent on digital media
The American Psychological Association reports
narcissistic tendencies, antisocial behaviors,
aggressive tendencies have gained an upper hand.

University Librarian Dr Craig Anderson presents Cristhian with his prize

Teenagers realize the need to protect their privacy
Rendered vulnerable by the information
ability to talk to others face-to-face deteriorates
surrounded by so many digital devices
lack the consciousness to protect personal information
real life interaction rate has
been lowered
reduce the real human contact
Some on who uses social media excessively
it creates in everyday lives
parents need to teach, encourage, interrupt, advise their children to change the negative to the positive.

Family is a biggest social support for every human being
Teenagers Communication with people per day.
Research by the Pew Research Center.
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