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Introduction to UK Law

No description

Andrew Reid

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Introduction to UK Law

Introduction to UK Law
What is Law?
Why do we need 'laws'?
Set of rules by which society manages to function
aims to 'right' any wrongs
"justice" & "morality"
enforced by authority
Made up from:
Common law
legislative law
case law (precedent)
Who makes laws?
International treaties
Common law:
baronial law
ancient beginnings
murder & contempt
Legislative law
written law
defined rules
documented in acts of parliament
Case law:
interpreted legislation
interpreted by court decisions
higher court decisions binding on lower courts
Civil or criminal?
Enables individuals to enforce their rights or recover property for own benefit
Enforce law & order in the interests of the community
decided on balance of probabilities
decided on proof "beyond reasonable doubt"
Based on idea of 'torts' (wrongs)::
aims to right a wrong
put you back where you would have been if wrong had not happened
based on protecting society
aims to punish transgressors
How are laws enforced?
County courts
family courts
decided by judge
settlement decided by judge
magistrates court
crown court
decided by jury
sentencing by judge
police involved
'crown' prosecution
possible imprisonment
Burden of proof on accuser
Any questions?
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