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Floor Plan Symbols

No description

Prabjot Kainth

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of Floor Plan Symbols

Drawing Guardrails
Guardrails are generally constructed with horizontal
rails or vertical posts, and are used for safety at balconies,
lofts, stairs, and decks over 30" above
the next lower level. Residential guardrails, according to
International Residential Code
Exterior doors are drawn on the floor plan with the sill
shown on the outside of the house. The sill is commonly
drawn projected about 1/16
The End
Floor Plan Symbols
Prabjot kainth
Floor plans that are easy to read are also easy to build,
because there is less likelihood of construction errors
than with unorganized, cluttered plans
Opinions vary with regard to how walls are drawn on
a floor plan. Practices range from drawing all exterior
walls thicker than interior walls
Window symbols are drawn with a sill on the outside
and inside
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