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The relationship among the rate of vibration, the medium through which vibration, sound and hearing

No description

Raquel Carmona

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of The relationship among the rate of vibration, the medium through which vibration, sound and hearing

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr The relationship between the sound, vibration ad hearing. The relationship between the 3 is that they all have to do something with the hearing. They all travel through the medium and into the ear. They are all the same waves which are vibration and mechanical. They all move back and forth like a longitudinal wave. The all give rise to the sound which means it lets us hear what is going on and also feel it. How does Vibration , Sound and hearing relate. Vibration travels through you ear or else you would not hear a single sound. Sound travels because it is a sound wave which is also a mechanical wave. The energy from the wave will go through the medium to give you your hearing. The wave moves like a longitudinal wave back and forth. It can be put in a solid or liquid it will still move the same way. The waves are also called vibration. Rate Of Vibration The rate of vibration is how fast things go in frequency range vibration is how much energy goes trough. It is the measurement of energy known as rate of vibration. The relationship between vibration, sound, hearing Raquel Carmona
Mrs. King
3rd block B day
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