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What It Means To Be A Great Nurse In Today's World

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Anne Kraft-Bross

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of What It Means To Be A Great Nurse In Today's World

Patient Centered Care
Understands That Each Patient is Different

Respects Patient's Ethnic Background and Values and Advocates for them with Others in the Healthcare Team

Eager to Learn about a Patient's Differences in Culture and Roles within Their Family

Empowers the Patient and Tries to See a Patient's View of Care and Treatment

Follows HIPPA Guidelines
(Purnell, 2009; QSEN Institute, 2013)
What It Means To Be A Great Nurse In Today's World
Driven to Succeed
Lifelong Learner

Works Within The Team as a Part of the Team

Recognizes Areas of Improvement Within Oneself

Builds and Grows Relationships

Willingness to Share and Incorporate Ideas of Others
(Weiss, Tilin, & Morgan, 2014)

Good Judgement
Follows ANA Code of Ethics

Follows Workplace Guidelines

Is Good at Deciphering Information to Make Decisions Benefiting the Patient and Their Health

Does Not Jump to Conclusions Without Evaluating All Sides

(Catalano, 2012)
Knows Role with Patients
Understands Responsibilities to Patients

Does not Overstep Professional Boundaries

Advocates for the Patient and Upholds Their Rights

Treats All Patients With Dignity and Respect

(Catalano, 2012)
Foundation is Key to Being a Great Nurse
Licensed to Practice as a Nurse
Good Ethical Reasoning
Critical Thinking Skills
Good Communication
Compassionate & Caring Individual
(Alfaro-LeFevre, 2013)
A GREAT Nurse is So Much More...
Utilizes Evidence Based Practice when Caring for Patients

Keeps up with Technological Advances in Healthcare

Always Learning, Always Teaching Patients, Caregivers and Colleagues

Good Attitude and Responsibility to Others

Fosters a Collaborative Environment
(Alfaro-LeFevre, 2013)
Knows How to Research Health Topics and Current Practices

Uses Reliable Sources and Information for Health Topics

Aware of Own Limitations and Values Constant Improvement of Care

(QSEN Institute, 2013).
Evidence Based Practice
Appreciates Technology
Constantly Learning New Methods in Informatics

Knows Limitations of Technology and Incorporates Human Judgement

Helps to Implement New Technology and Evaluates Its Use
(QSEN Institute, 2013).

Always Concerned About Safety
Follows Safest Methods of Caring For Patient

Observes Ways to Make the Working Environment Safer for Patient and Healthcare Team

Follows Universal Precautions and Appropriate Methods for Disposal of Hazardous Material / Waste

Is a Safety Role Model for Other Members of Team
(QSEN Institute, 2013).
Self Awareness and Leadership
Emotionally Intelligent

Can Dial in and Understand Own Emotions and Their Impact On Others

Understands Other Perspectives and Emotions of Others

Is Empathetic and Compassionate

Leads by Example and Nurtures Relationships When in a Leadership Role

Goal Oriented, Punctual and Thinks Outside of the Box

Contributes to a Good Work Environment

(Weiss, Tilin, & Morgan, 2014)

(Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2013).
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