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New England Colonies

No description

EJ Lim

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of New England Colonies

New England Colonies
Ejae Lim,Sayaka Yato, Tevin Choi
Thank you!
* Connecticut Colony was founded on March1636 by Thomas Hooker and other colonists, at Hartford.
- It was located on the Atlantic coast of North America.

*The name was taken from a Native Indian phrase meaning “river whose water is driven by tides or winds.”

*It was founded for political and religious freedom after a disagreement with Massachusetts Bay.
Image taken from Csginc website
Image taken from Ct Gov website
Image taken from Mr Nuss Baum website
*Massachusetts Colony was founded in year 1630 by
John Winthrop, Thomas Dudley, and other non-separatist Puritans.

*The Puritans wanted to create a colony where they would be free to practice their religion.

Image taken from Britannica website
John preaches to the Indians of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Image taken from Son of the south website
Map of Massachusetts colony
* Established on the east coast of North America.

*The Rhode Island Colony was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and other colonists.

*It was found for religious freedom and seperation of church from state.

The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Image found from Radical website
Image found from Rootsweb website
Colonial Currency
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (1780)
Province of New Hampshire (1780)
Connecticut Colony (1775)
Province of Massachusetts (1741)
Image founded from Wikipedia website

Race Relations
Relationship with Britain
Daily life in the New England colonies

Home; Houses
Small wooden house at first
However their houses started to evolve very soon
Keeping room
carpets on the table
New Amsterdam buildings
Image taken from Early New England Homes website
Daily life in the New England colonies
Food & Drink
Dirty Water
Used corn to make alcoholic drinks
Beer & Cider
Early 17th century mainly corn for food
Later in the 17th century other grains
Image taken from K12handhelds website
Image taken from NCpedia website
* Profitable laws from colonial trade

* Forced use of British ships

*Import of European goods only through Britain
*Levied tax on all imported goods

* Colonies wanted more

-Cruel punishment against rebels

-Income from selling Indians as slaves -> fund war costs

-Recreation of villages as England's

-Harsh treatment of African slaves

-Indians not accepted to the society


Image taken from Kellscraft website
Image taken from The Grocer website
Image taken from Heritage History website
*The weathers were cold and the land here was not the best for farming.

*They were able to grow some crops like wheat.

*The natural resources of the area included wood from the forests, fish from the ocean, and furs from the animals.
The Weather in New England
Social Classes
Province of New Hampshire
*One of the original 13 colonies located on the Atlantic coast of North America.

*The New Hampshire Colony was founded in 1638 by Captain John Mason and John Wheelwright and other colonists.

* The reason for it's foundation was farming
Image taken from History Map website
Image taken from Son of the south website
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- Unequal Balance of Trade
Daily life in the New England colonies
At the beginning of the 17th century

- ruffs,doublet with a cape on top

-Farthingale under their dresses
In the late 17th century
- frock coat, wigs
-shift,long dresses
Image taken from DeviantArt website
Image taken from Pinterest website
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Image taken from Black Tie Guide website
Image taken from American Revolution website
Image taken from History website
Women in New England
* Women did not participate in town meetings and were excluded from decision making in the church.

*Women and children were treated harshly.

*Women were viewed as instruments of Satan.

Men>Women Society
*Married women were not allowed to possess property
the Puritans did not tolerate any other form of religion
Image taken from Historical stock photos website
women stayed at home to do housework
Image taken from Leavitts website
* cheap, plentiful labor in the colonies.
Indentured Servants
*contracted to work for a fixed period of time usually from five to seven years

*First Indentured servants in Colonial America were introduced by the Virginia Company in 1619
Image taken from Pbs website
Economic activities and trade were dependant of the environment in which the Colonists lived
Image taken from Land Of The Brave website
The Northern Colonies
In the New England towns along the coast
Image taken from Landofthebrave website
Image taken from Dreamstime website
Image taken from Popularresistance website
molasses and sugar trade
Image taken from Pre-Colombian Societies website
Upper Classes

Middle Classes

Lower Classes & Poor Whites

Indentured Servants & Convicts

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