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20 things about me!

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of 20 things about me!

20 things about me!
Things I like: My Family
I'm the middle child. My older siblings are like dragons there so mean. My younger siblings are like puppy's there so cute.
Things I Like: Food
I really like food especially the chinese kind yummy!! Orange chicken and noodles
I LOVE funny and scary movies like 21 and 22 jump street and Freddy Krueger.
Things I Like: Warheads
I'm obsessed with war heads and not just the candy even tho i like the candy
Things I like: Candy!
I love ALL the candy except hot or ones with peanuts in them. Besides that who could go wrong with candy?
Alexis Manley
Things I Like: Movies
Things I Like: GAMES
I like video games like call of duty black ops 2
Things I Like: Anime
I love anime. like fairy tail I'm obsessed.
Things I Like: My Friends
I like my friends. Alot they help me when i need help and make me laugh. All my friends are weird like me c:
I LOVE quotes.
I think quotes show who u r and what you like so i love them.
Things I Like: Blue Roses
i\I find them intresting and uniqe

10 Things i like!!c: :D

Something I Don't Like is: Fake Friends
I don't like how someone could do that.
People shouldn't lie cause there scared to not be excepted if they don't like u they don't deserve u.
And don't lie
I don't like Peanuts
i don't know why i love peanut butter I just hate peanuts.
I Don't Like crying
It makes me feel weak so i don't like.
I Don't like fear.
I know everyone's afraid of something i just hate being afraid it makes me feel vulnerable.
I Don't Like being treated unfair.
I figure everyone is equal so they should be treated that way.
I Don't Like cliques
they're all to picky and unfair and rude.
I Don't Like spicy foods
i hate spicy stuff.
I Don't like Cranberry jelly
there just so eww.
I Don't Like Spiders!!
there just creepy and ewwy.
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