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Nepal Earthquake 2015

No description

the 4th Hokage

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Nepal Earthquake 2015

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 striked Gorhka
The earthquake also effected India, China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
During the earthquake
During the earthquake, building, houses and temples collapsed, causing the deaths of hundreds of people.
Houses are destroyed
Harvest is reduced and they are earning less
Tourists and travelers will not go to Nepal, due to safety reasons and because one of Nepal's most famous tourist attraction (Kathmandu Valley's Temple) is now destroyed due to the impact of the earthquake.
Nepal Earthquake

Before the earthquake
2nd Hand Sale, Bake sale
7.5 will raise a bake sale and a second hand sale
All the money we earn will be donated to charities
At May 21st and 20th
Nepal Earthquake 2015

Help from others
There was an aftershock with 6.7 magnitjde
7.3 magnitude on the12th of May
Nepal in the Earthquake
After the earthquake
Many buildings and houses have been crushed
A lot of people are trying to come and help but they fail to arrive.
Some religious people grouped up together to pray.
Some people are still facing to ask the religion to help the victims
Mount Everest

The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mt Everest
Mount Everest got a little bit shorter after the earthquake.
American soldiers
Supplies were sent to Nepal
China sent solidiers with tents and medical supplies.
Before the earthquake
everything was normal.
Life at Nepal Now

Thank You!
After the after shocks of the earthquake, many people have lost their homes and family but
Now, eveyone around the world are trying to donate
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