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No description

parker daffron

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Intro

He was born on Oct 17, 1984 (he is 31)
This presentation will be about Randall munroe the author of what if and xkcd his famous book and website. He isn't really an artist but trys to be. Here is why he is my favorite author.
D.O.B. and age
He writes Non-fiction books.
He has the Hugo award for the best graphic story in 2009.
His books are published by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, First Edition.
Publishing company (s)
Family info
Author peice
On September 2011 Randall Munroe was married to his fiancee. She was diagnosed with chemotherapy on the same year a few months later.
His hometown is Easten, Pensylvania USA.
Currently he has been doing kite photography (which is strapping a camera to a kite to take pictures with a better perspective
Fav author/ reading enjoyments
He likes to read non fiction the most.
I hope that you learned something about randall munroe from this presentation. Those are a just few of many cool things about my favorite author randall munroe. He has also worked at nasa for 3 years.
education/ degrees
he went to christopher newport university and has a masters degree he also majored in robotics and minored mathmatics
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