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Dream Careers - NYC Summer 2010

My Dream Career Experience

lindsay strauss

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Dream Careers - NYC Summer 2010

Dream Careers:Summer2010
New York City NYU Dorm, Meal Plan, Transportation My Internship Hi, I'm Lindsay Strauss! Housing was provided in the NYU Dorms, in Union Square
GREAT location, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods in walking distance :)
AMAZING gym in the building with rock wall, pool, basketball court & more!
Meal Plan was great! Cafeteria was in building for dinner meals. Dinning Dollars were included as well, able to go to places around the area to eat!
Unlimited Metro Card
Ability to travel wherever in the city during our free time The Interns
*Only day we had to do hard labor! It was for an event for Coca-Cola :) Dinner Cruise around NYC! Bus tour of the city Tallahassee, FL New York City Weekend Trips & Activities Senior at FSU, Studying Advertising
Attended NYC Program Summer 2010 (After my freshman year)
Interned at Escalate Marketing, Event Marketing firm on Wall ST
First internship EVER! What Dream Careers did for me: Seminars: Taught me professional tips and life lessons that I still use today
Networking: Been able to connect with other "Dreamers"
Friends: Still keep in contact with!
Opened so many doors!
MTV Internship Summer 2012, NYC
The Zimmerman Agency, Fall 2012, Tallahassee, FL
Arrowhead Advertising Team (NSAC) Coca-Cola
Swelter Stopper Tour Daily Task:
Worked on Coca-Cola, illy issimio and Simply Orange accounts
Helped brainstormed for opportunistic events
Created bi-weekly reports for clients
Market research Top of the Rock Overnight to D.C
*Our AWESOME Staff Night on Broadway:
Billy Elliot Dreamer Amazing Race Brooklyn Bridge Tony Awards Red Carpet Celebrity Run-ins:
Gossip Girl Set NYU Dorm
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