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CDOS: An Overview

No description

Tanishia Williams Minor

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of CDOS: An Overview

Career Development & Occupational Studies
District 79 Schools and Programs

What's the BIG DEAL with the CDOS credential?
of the

we make!

D79 students will work to complete a Career Plan in using the ILP platform
Completion of Course Hours
CDOS Requirements
Mastery of CDOS Standards
Students with Disabilities will no longer be able to earn IEP diplomas
When students earn a Career Development and Occupational Studies credential they can...
Refine workforce readiness skills
Participate in an internship
Refine their career plan and resume
Begin to build contacts in their chosen field of study
Begin a field of work with entry level skills and a proven record of success
Past action is questionable
CDOS is...
Career Exploration
can begin any time during a student's academic tenure.
This is how it happens in Maryland...
Career Plan
We've got THESE KIDS!!!
And THIS Staff!
We are so much
a progression of learning standards
Office of School and Special Education Support Services
There are four components which must be met
Employability Profile
The district must ensure that the student has at least one work skills
employability profile completed within one year prior to a student’s exit from high school that documents the student’s:

employability skills and experiences;
attainment of each of the commencement level CDOS learning standards for standards 1, 2 and 3a; and
as appropriate, attainment of technical knowledge and work-related
skills, work experiences, performance on industry-based assessments
and other work-related and academic achievements
Students who are
unable to earn a regular diploma because of their disability may graduate with the CDOS Credential
as the student’s only exiting
credential, provided they meet the requirements for award have attended school for at least 12 years, excluding Kindergarten.
There are two options to obtaining a CDOS Credential
Option I
Complete the four specified components for the CDOS Credential
Option II
Most students with disabilities
will be able to graduate
with the NYS CDOS Commencement
Credential as a supplement
to their regular diploma
(Regents or local diploma).
As of July 1, 2013
In lieu of a student meeting the requirements of option 1 to
be awarded the NYS CDOS Commencement Credential, a district may award a student this credential if the student has met the requirements for one of the nationally recognized work readiness credentials, including but not limited to:

National Work Readiness Credential;
SkillsUSA Work Force Ready Employability Assessment
National Career Readiness Certificate WorkKeys - (ACT)
Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems Workforce Skills Certification System
Career Plans can be created any
ANY of our programs using the
ILP platform
To earn this credential, the school must have
documentation that the student demonstrated
achievement of commencement level knowledge
and skills relating to the CDOS
learning standards in the areas of:
1. career development;
2. integrated learning; and
3a. universal foundation skills
3b. career major competencies
To earn the NYS CDOS Commencement Credential, a student must have successfully completed not less than the equivalent of two units of study (216 hours) in either CTE courses and/or work-based learning experiences.
All internship experiences can count toward the 56-hour internship requirement, despite CDOS program enrollment
Employability profiles will be created using the ILP platform
The career development
curricula has been developed so that
Applied Academics

can begin as early as primary school.
The CDOS credential leverages
Soft Skill Development

Technical Skill Development
to create
a more marketable and
well-rounded employee.
And they are not even as cool as us!
And THIS Guy!!
than the rest
But, in all seriousness
A+ Computer Repair
Building Maintenance
Cisco Network Academy
Early Childhood/ Gerontology
Electrical Installation
Solar Energy Systems
Green Construction and Carpentry
Food Services and Nutrition
NATEF Automotive Technician
Unisex Salon Services
Medical Billing and Coding
Vision Technology
But the COOLEST parts of the
CDOS Credential
Are all of the MANY students who we will serve!
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