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Ingrid Murati

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of HARRY POTTER

The Order of the Phoenix

Team Functions in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
Ben Foushee
Regan Gaskin
Jackie Geter
Casey Ly
Ingrid Murati
Steve Pickren
Examples of 5 Stages of Team Development
- Defense of Dark Arts, Voldemort's Return
- Doubt in Harry's Leadership, Signing up for D.A.
- Growing Pains, Room of Requirement
- Rescuing Sirius, Battling Death-Eaters
- Epiphany
3 Sources of Conflict
: differing opinions
: strong emotions
: how things are done
Kotter's 8-Step Model of Change
1. Create Urgency
2. Form a powerful coalition
3. Create a vision for change
4. Communicate the vision
5. Remove obstacles
6. Create short-term wins
7. Build on change
8. Anchor the changes in corporate culture
5 Stages of Conflict Resolution
Integrating: win-win
Obliging: lose-win
Dominating: win-lose
Avoiding: lose-lose
Compromising: win-lose
Examples of Each:
Harry teaching DA
Harry goes to Ministry
Snape gives Harry Occulmency Lessons
Sirius Sacrifices himself for Harry
Dumbledore and Harry's expulsion
Umbridge and firing Trelawney
Harry and DA avoiding Umbridge
Dumbledore avoiding Azkaban
Seamus admitting he was wrong
Fudge admitting he was wrong
Umbridge's Steps in Changing the Staff
3 Reactions to Change
Examples of
Reactions to Change
5 Stages of Team Development
- Uncertainty, Test of Roles
- Leader is established, Goal/Mission is clear
- Roles and Responsibilities are clear
- Team independence, Trust,
- Mission is completed, Being proud of the work
refers to when employees fight and undermine change

is when followers go along with the implanted change, but really want the change to not happen

is when followers completely support change and help to create and stabilize change in the organization

Dumbledore's Army
Professor McGonagall

Severus Snape
Kingsley Shacklebolt

Dolores Umbridge
Inquisitorial squad

1)Being educated and communicating the change

2) Participating in the change

3)Being supportive and committed

4)Developing relationships with management through trust

5)Implement changes fairly

6)Selecting people who support change

7) Manipulation and cooptation

8) Coercion
Umbridge's Success at Changing the Students
1. Create a sense of urgency
Scene 6 - Fudge and Umbridge create the idea that Harry and Dumbledore are out of control

2. Form a powerful coalition
Scene 13/15 - Filch seen as her first follower, succeeded by Malfoy and company

3. Create a vision for change
Scene 9 - Umbridge gives her uncomfortable, unexplained speech at the orientation dinner

4. Communicate the vision
Scene 10 - Umbridge shares her plan to abolish practicing magic in her first class
5. Remove the obstacles
Scene 11 - Umbridge punishes Harry for speaking out against her in class

6. Create short-term wins
Scene 20 - Umbridge's coalition finds and apprehends Dumbledore's Army

7. Build on change
Scene 10 - Umbridge becomes the new professor of the dark arts after the disciplinary hearing

8. Anchor the changes in corporate structure
Scene 25 - Umbridge is carried off deeper into the Forbidden Forest by the centaur lads
• Manipulation and Cooptation
- becomes teacher in Hogwarts so that she can report everything to the Ministry and become the Headmaster
- buys support of a few students, by treating them better when they turn against HP and his friends
- Proves that she’s in control by questioning teachers’ abilities in front of the students so that they will have to respond in a professional manner
• Coercion
- tries to banish Sybil from Hogwarts after she doesn't give Professor Umbridge a prediction that she approved of
- tries to get rid of Dumbledore so that she will have complete control of everything and everyone pertaining to Hogwarts.

Kotters's 8 steps to Overcome Resistance to Change
"I must not tell lies" blood pen, threatening expulsion,
Being educated and communicating the change -
Educational Decrees,
Selecting people who support change-
Inquisitorial Squad for extra credit,
Develop relationship through trust-
no trust gained with students,
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