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Thomas W. Bennett

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Thomas W. Bennett

Even though Bennett was against the war, he still wanted to serve his Country and help out his comrades going into the war. Also, when he was helping the wounded the battle field, he pulled dead bodies to safety since there is the motto: "Never leave a fallen comrade"
He held his position cutting down enemy troops as targeted attacks on his position.
During final assult a grenade landed near Baldonado and killed him instantly.
Thomas W. Bennett
Corporal Thomas W. Bennett- Morgantown, West Virginia
Combat Medic in the army
Heroic activity: 2/9/69 - 2/11/69
Served in the Vietnam War
Hannah and Mackenzie's Prezi
Joe R. Baldonado
Rank: corporal
Born: August 28th 1930
departed: yes (11/25/1950

When Bennett's platoon had moved to help the soldiers from the Delta company which was ambushed by the enemy, three of his soldiers were were wounded upon arriving. Being the Medic, he immediately sprung into action and ran though the oncoming firing of the enemy to perform lifesaving aid to his fellow soldiers. he continued this act of bravery when he assisted many other soldiers, even some that were to close to enemy lines.
Bennett made the ultimate sacrifice when he was helping other soldiers in the army. He was mortally wounded and died when he had saved so many other men.
This amazing soldier was given the highest honor since he acted completely selfless in order to save a dozen men that would have died without his help.
While serving as a machine-gunner in the vicinity of Korea an enemy attacked and he was still willing to be loyal and take shots from enemies to help save his former troops,killing himself in action.
Balonado had valor because he was brave enough to take shots for his former troops and was targeted by enemies and knew he had to be brave and loyal to help his country.
He was given the highest honor since he stayed and fought for his position and in doing so his life was taken.
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