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Todorov's Narrative Theory

Tzuetan Todorov

Laura Tuke

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Todorov's Narrative Theory

Todorov's Narrative Theory Tzuetan Todorov said that all stories have the same structure, in which they have an:
- Equilibrium.
- Disequilibrium.
- Recognition.
- New Equilibrium. Todorov believed that there would always be 5 stages. The 5 stages of narrative structure are:

1. A state of equilibrium.
2. A disruption of that order by an event.
3. A recognition that the disorder.
4. An attempt to fix the disorder.
5. A new equilibrium - conclusion. Example of Todorov's theory. Avatar 1. War against Na'vi and Jake Sully is sent to become part of tribe.
2. Hometree is planned to be destroyed.
3. Hometree is destroyed.
4. Jake Sully unites the tribes of Pandora to fight back against the humans.
5. Jake decides to stay in his avatar permanently.
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