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Dia De Los Muertos

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McKenna VonFeldt

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Dia De Los Muertos

How is Dia De Los Muertos Is Different than Halloween?
What is Day of The Dead?
Day of the Dead is a joyous celebration to remember the deceased.
The Day of The Dead is celebrated on November 1st and November 2nd
November 1st is El dia de los Angelitos o El Dia de los Inocentes (All Saints Day for children)
November 2nd is El Dia de los Muertos (the adults)
On these days many skulls (calacas) and skeletons (esqueletos) are seen all around
This is one of the most important holidays in Mexico
When the boundries between life and death begins to blur
The spirits of the deceased can come back to the land of the living and celebrate with their loved ones
Popular Foods
How is death viewed?
Pan De Muerto
Sugar Skulls
Candied Pumpkin
Chocolate coffins and skulls
(drinks)Atole, Champurado, Horchata
Skull and Skeleton shaped cookies
Mexican Corn on the cob
Death is viewed as a crossing to the after life. They may not be with us physically but they are with us in spirit, so in a way they are still living. In this culture the dead are celebrated in a big way. Death is viewed with respect and is not seen as something to be feared but it is accepted as inevitable. Dia De Los Muertos is all about remembering the deceased.To some other cultures, the way Latin America celebrates the dead is disrespectful, but it is actually the opposite because they are honoring the dead by doing these celebrations. On this holiday death is not to be mourned but celebrated because the spirits of our ancestors would be angered by our sadness.
Dia De Los Muertos

By Wendy Garcia, Naomi Welp, Dina Moya, McKenna and Wyat VonFeldt

How is Dia De Los Muertos celebrated?
Dia De Los Muertos is celebrated by
Create altars and decorate graves to honor the dead
The making of Dia De Los Muertos crafts
Telling stories about the deceased
Making food for the deceased
They go to the Grave Yard to celebrate with loved ones
Giving items to the deceased,
Such As:
fresh flowers (usually Marigolds)
Photographs (memorabilia)
Favorite Foods and Drinks
Sugar Skulls
Pan De Muerto
Statues of Saints
Other Items

Halloween celebrates the end of the fall harvest
Day of the Dead celebrates the passing of loved ones
Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October
Day of the Dead is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November
On Halloween children go out trick or treating
On Dia De Los Muertos children eat skull shaped candies but they don't go out asking for candy
Costumes of scary monsters are worn on Halloween
Costumes resembling the dead,costumes of skeletons, devils and other things are worn on Dia De Los Muertos
Halloween is kind of a scary holiday
Dia de Los Muertos is a fun happy holiday, not scary
The altar includes flowers, papel picado, a picture of the deceased, favorite foods of the deceased, sugar skulls, pan de muerto and many other things depending on what you want to add.
Skulls and skeletons represent death
Altars and Ofrendas (offerings)
Marigolds and their petals are used to make a path to guide the spirits to the altars
Papel Picado represents the fragility of life
Pan De Muerto is put on the altars for the dead to eat
The three levels of the altar represents heaven, earth, and the underworld
Candles on the altar represent the deceased

Four candles represent the four cardinal points of a compass so that the spirits won't get lost on their journey
Candle flames represent faith and hope and they light the way for the spirits to come to their altars
Sugar Skulls represent the final destination of every human being and the sugar is to sweeten the bitterness of death
Incense is used to clean the homes and altars of the departed from evil spirits so the soul will be able to come safely
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