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Military Robots PACE 4th Grade

By Sunny, Annika, Travis, and Eloiza

Emma Smith

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Military Robots PACE 4th Grade

Robots in the military are used to defend and help the soldiers in different ways. Some robots are used in search-and-rescue missions to help find lost or wounded soldiers. Aerial robots like the Predator are used to take pictures or film enemy soldiers or innocent people that might be hurt. Some other robots are used to deactivate hidden bombs or explosives. Military robots are also used to carry ammo and weapons for soldiers. Question 1 Question 3 Most military robots have sensors that allow them to get information about their surroundings. Some robots have certain names like Talon, Packbot, Matilda Manipulator, and Acer. Talon can tackle any terrain and is the most common robot used in the military. Talon can also do different jobs by changing its arm. It can also record videos, take pictures, holds your ammo, and carries your weapons. Packbot has flippers that help it go across all terrains, has a gunsight camera, and a radio antenna for emergencies. Matilda M. is very fast and can go 3 feet per second. Why are they used instead of humans? What can these robots do? Question 2 What are some current uses of robots
in the military? What are some current uses of robots in the military? What can these robots do? Military Robots The battlefield is a very dangerous place. There are usually traps or hidden bombs, so when a human might be in danger in a certain territory, military robots are sent to see if it is safe and disarm the bombs. Sometimes enemies might plan sneak attacks, so if you send a robot instead, it's better to lose a robot than a human's or animal's life. Military Robot Reason Military robots are for very difficult military tasks so no one gets hurt or killed. They send military robots for dangerous tasks, for example, finding a bomb and then disarming a bomb so it will be safe. Military robots are a big help to soldiers on the battlefield. Without military robots, the soldiers wouldn't be very successful. CAUTION! Aerial Robot airborne Bobby Ray Bob TALON PACKBOT Pace 4th Grade Why are they used instead of humans? A soldier with
military robots. TALON made with Peter the Pihranna BYE! TALON somebody save
my baby and I! take your
time, mom.
i'm playing
with bob
right now. MADE BY i BOB EloiZA SuNNY AnniKA TRaviS
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