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GM Food

Prezified version of a lecture taken from a TESOL textook. Will be taken off the web shortly.

Manabu Noda

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of GM Food

How GM food technology
works in more detail
Next time . . .
Vitamin A gene added to the rice plant.
colour: yellowish-orange
Golden Rice
in orange foods like carrots and sweet potatoes
to make food
most popular GM crops today
grown all over the world
used primarily as food for animals.
Bt Corn
Bt gene produces the chemical in the corn that kills the pest
harmless to people and animals
lives in the ground and makes a natural poison that kills insects
it doesn’t hurt people at all!
Bt Corn
to make crops
grow better
Shoppers did not purchase
1997 - : FlavrSavr not grown any more
People did not trust this new GM food.
They did not buy it.
FlavrSavr Tomato did not taste very good
Problems with FlavrSavr Tomato
stops the chemical that makes tomatoes get soft
Tomatoes stay fresh for longer.
What’s special about FlavrSavr
go bad quickly
get too soft
do not taste good
problems with ordinary tomatoes
First GM food to be sold in US supermarkets
to make food
stay fresh longer
GM food
genetically modified food
Golden Rice still being studied for safety
Current state of play
Bt bacteria
Reason for the tomato going bad
Special chemical inside starts to work after it is picked.
Tomatoes become soft.
target problems: rootworm
dangerous to people and the environment
very expensive
Antisense RNA
health problems
lack of Vitamin A
a million children die each year
300,000 go blind
Viatamin A
FlavrSavr Tomato
The worm gets inside the corn plant and it eats it.
They can kill an entire corn crop.
Bt gene added to corn plants
GM Food
“dangerous to eat?”
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