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Queen Twosret

No description

Vanessa Lopez

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Queen Twosret

About Queen Twosret
ruled at the end of the 19th dynasty
ruled from1187-1185 BCE
last Pharaoh from the 19nth dynasty
thought to be the 2nd royal wife of Pharaoh Seti ll
Pharaoh : a ruler in ancient Egypt
Theocracy : is a form of government in which a deity is officially recognized as the civil Ruler


assumed the throne for herself after Siptah's death (her step-son)
became Pharaoh and took the name "Daughter of Re"
status of her found at Abydos, Hermopolis, Memphis, and Nubia
the Bilgal stela belonged to her (a round topped standing stone with an inscription)
Queen Twosret
Vanessa Lopez-Perez

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