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on 29 October 2014

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Impact on Education
~ Schools were shut down
~ Students had to drop out to help family
~ There was no transportation to schools for children in rural areas
~Many went to school hungry
~In most schools all grades were in the same room
This Impacted: My Grandpa
~ Could not afford to go to college
~ worked at a factory that made batteries and become a farmer
~ 1 of 11 siblings (2 died young)
-youngest of the 9 that lived
~ very poor before the depression
~ no transportation and school was 1 mile away (walk,ride a horse, or catch a ride with someone who had a car)
The Great Depression:1929
The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II. The timing of the Great Depression varied across nations, but in most countries it started in 1930 and lasted until the late 1930s or middle 1940s.[1] It was the longest, deepest, and most widespread depression of the 20th century.
Impact on Education
~ raised overall achievement
~ narrowed gaps between low class and high class students
~ teachers began to focus more on test scores
~ didn't cover all grades or subjects (only reading, math, and writing)
~ Set a precedent for minimum effort
This Impacted: My Mother
~ There was not a big emphasis on standardized testing
~ Stressed students
~ Test anxiety caused her to think that she did poorly
~ went from TABS to TEAMS (Texas Education Assessment of Minimum Skills) during middle school
~ Made her pay more attention in class
TABS (Texas Assessment of Basic Skills):1979
In 1979, the Texas Legislature decided that all students in public schools should take a standardized test that would measure how well they were learning the curriculum. This was the very beginning of the era of accountability. Many leaders were complaining that students were graduating high school without the necessary skills to succeed in the work place.
Impact on Education
~ African American students were viewed as outsiders
~ Increased security in some schools
~ African American students were able to get a better education
~ The stereotype that African Americans were less intelligent would be shattered
~ Teachers had to be more aware of unfair treatment
This Impacted: My Father
~ African Americans in his school made the white students feel inferior
~ First African American in his school when he was in 3rd grade
~ Teachers made the transition easy
~ his parents did not approve of this transition
~ He and his friends did not intermingle with African Americans
Brown vs Board of Education: 1954
The decision reverses Plessy vs. Ferguson, ruling that separate is not equal and outlaws segregation.
Impact on Education
~ Schools were destroyed
~ Class sizes in remaining school increased
~ Thousands were homeless
~ Many children lost loved ones
~ Tornado drills were more prevalent
This Impacted: Friend of the Family
~ The school/church was destroyed
~ His mother was a teacher there
~ Transportation to and from school was demolished
~ no school for a week
~ went to side buildings at local hospital for school to finish the year
~Had to have pass on family car to get into neighborhood (perimeter around construction zone)
April 2, 1982: F4 Tornado
After the initial tornado dissipated west of Paris , another tornado developed rapidly near Campbell Road and Loop 286 in far northwest Paris . The tornado tracked across the city, destroying homes, businesses, trees, and automobiles. The twister continued east through Reno and Blossom, damaging or destroying 75 homes and businesses in Reno and at least 17 in Blossom.
The Great Depression
Brown vs. Board of Education
Joe Iglehart
Cooper, Texas
Cooper High School
graduated: 1976
Grady Iglehart
Born: 1915
Pacio, Texas
Vasco High School
Graduated: 1932
-Gena Iglehart
-Started school in Paris, Texas
-Graduated: 1988
-North Lamar High School
Started School in Paris, Texas
Graduated: Victory Baptist Academy 1985
F4 Tornado
Ricky Terrell
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