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Thomas Edison

5 W's and 1 H about Thomas Alva Edison

Christina Yoh

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Thomas Edison

Who was Thomas Edison? Who was his role model? What did he invent? How did his invention affect the nation and its people? When did his career start and end? When did he start wanting to be an inventor? When did his career rise? Where did he work? Why is he so well-known and famous? Thomas Alva Edison American inventor Milan, Ohio (Feb. 11, 1947) Seventh and youngest child of Samuel Ogder and Nacy (Elliot) Edison Seven years old; move Port Huron, Michigan Attend School for 3 months, home schooled Did NOT invent light bulb- modify Stock-ticker machine Automatic telegraph machine- improvements Phonograph Motion Picture Camera Incandescent light bulb Reshaped Modernity Promised a future with creativity prodigious inventor in era spirit of new age New Jersey Laboratory Lightbulb- 40 hours Michael Faraday around 1867- dream 10- start doing own experiments 1876- New Jersey Laboratory 1931- dead 1870- New Jersey firm Upgrade telephone transmitter Better communication New Jersey Laboratory Boston- rent Williams Electric Shop: experimenting Amazing new products flow Electic power plant in NYC
Electric power companies electricity in homes Menlo Park West Orange, NJ more convenient electricity New York Eletric Power Plant telegraph operator inventions- useful Kinetiscope career rise: invented carbon telephone transmitter, phonograph, electric light bulb Almost won nobel prize Nikola Tesla Western Union Telegraph Company- Boston
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