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Exploring the Functions of Communication

No description

Alyssa Oh

on 23 July 2016

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Transcript of Exploring the Functions of Communication

Exploring the Functions of Communication
' Information'
This function is used when the speaker wants to make the others aware of a certain data , concept or processes or maybe knowledge that's useful for the people
Regulation and Control
As a function of communication it means being able to use language, gestures and emotions to manage activities of communication
Functions of Communication
Each function is based on the Speaker's purpose for communicating
The speaker's purpose is to
move the listeners
The speaker's appeals to the
listener's emotions to encourage
them to act in a particular direction
The purpose is to persuade or try to persuade to change their opinion, attitude or behavior
Persuasion is used to move the
audience to the shoe of the speaker or to the place where the speaker wants the audience to be in.
To have control in others by managing their behavior
Regulation and Control
Verbal Cues
Specific words chosen and used.
When using verbal cues the speaker and the listener much respect each others culture,age,gender,social status and religion

'Social Interaction'
The most familiar and primary reason why people communicate
Social Interaction allows
people to connect
to each other
Conversation - a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.
Non- verbal cues
Includes hand gestures , bodily action ( posture), vocal tone (paralanguage)
Second Function
"Social interaction"
The main reason why we communicate.
we want to connect with the people that we love or the people around us
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