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Around the Clock Human History

All of human history condensed into a 12 hour clock.Prezi by me, content compiled by Christian Bava.

Andrew Viller

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Around the Clock Human History

3.2 Million years ago
Lucy (Australo-pithecus) walking the Savannah of Africa, died while crossing a river.
2.5 million years ago
Ancestors begin to walk
upright, changes perspective.
(Homo Erectus)
1.5 million years ago
Fire first used by early hominids, brought heat in the cold, light in the night, cooked our food which enlarged our brains, & protection man from predators & enemies.
750,000 years ago
First rudimentary stone & bone tools used by early ancestors (Homo Hablilis)
The Final Hour
360,000 years ago
An ice age which covered large areas of the planet . The Neanderthal will become extinct during this period, probably due to contact with Homo sapiens. Also extinction of last great mammals such as saber tooth tiger & the mammoth
110,000 to 13,000 years ago
Final 10 Minutes
32,000 years ago
The first cave paintings demonstrating early Animistic beliefs. Hand imprints appear around the world in perhaps an attempt to hauntingly reach out to future descendants.
The discovery of agriculture & domestication of animals revolutionises human society, ending Nomadism for some & increasing population levels. Surplus of food makes it possible to have sedentary lifestyle, specialising in division of labour & the emergence of class systems.
12,000 years ago
Last Minute
Rise of hydraulic civilisations due to irrigation of fields create mass surplus of food. This enables establishment of large armies, practice of slavery, building of monuments such as pyramids & Colosseum, rise of a high & powerful priestly
class & Nobility through polytheistic belief systems
6000 years ago (4000 BCE)
Ancient Sumerians
They develop writing. Revolutionary invention which will enable human social & technological evolution as information can be stored for future generations to reflect & improve upon.
3500 BCE
Ancient Egypt
Hieroglyphic script,
the rise of pharaohs, development of mathematics, private property & pyramid building.
750 BCE Ancient Greece
Classic Antiquity
Develop Democracy, drama, Philosophy, early science, poetry, art, education & music.
Last 5 Seconds
Rise of Monotheism through the Catholic church & development of Feudalism & Monarchies ruling over large kingdoms.
years ago
The decline & fall of the Roman Empire, birth & death of Jesus.
300AD rise of Christianity as official Religion of Rome

480 CE to 800 CE
The Dark Ages in Europe with religious persecutions & the inquisition wipe the continent free of non-Christians. The rise of Islam connecting classic antiquity with science. First Christian invasion of Islam known as the Crusades
1492 CE
European discovery of the New World paves way for colonialism, Imperialism & early Mercantile Capitalism
Invention of the printing press, the enlightenment, rise of science, decline of the church & the French & American revolutions. Invention of Steam engine paves the way for the Industrial Revolution
Modern Industrial Free Market Capitalism rises as a major political-economic contestant against the old Feudal order.
Mass production & mass urbanisation begin as the peasantry are forced off their land to be transformed into an industrial working class drawn into the cities looking for work in those ‘Satanic Mills’. Rise of Socialism against Capitalism.
Invention of electricity,
the car, aeroplanes,
telecommunications, radio. The rise of the Nation State & Secularisation. WW1, First Socialist Revolution in Russia.
The end of WW2, the creation of the Atomic Bomb,
Space flight, the Cold War, computers systems
Collapse of Socialism, rise of the internet, mobile phone, DVD players
The Last Second
300 Years ago
1700 AD
1800 AD
1900 AD
1980s -2000s
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