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PBL #3

Light and optics

nathan galenzoski

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of PBL #3

By Nathan, Loryn, Issa , David Light and optics 6-8 The part in our eyes that allow us to see color
is a thin layer in the back of our eyes called
the retina. In the retina there are two structures called rods and cones . The rods let us see light and cones alow us to see colour.
The crest is the top part of the waves. The wavelengths are how far it is from one crest to the next. The troughs are like the crests but they are on the bottom of the waves. The amplitude are the insides of the troughs and the crests. A cycle is from the top of one crest down to a trough and half way back up to the crest. When light hits a tomato the tomato absorbes all colours and red gets reflected so the object appears red. Our knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum
has improved our lives by being able to skype, text message, call on cell phones and home pones, and facetime The spectrum is when white light gets refracted the colors of the spectrum appear. The colors of the spectrum are RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO VIOLET.
The easy way to remember them is ROY G. BIV. •Explain what frequency is and what it is measured in. Make up some examples to show you understand (DIFFERENT THAN THE EXAMPLES I USED)
•Frequency is measured in hertz or cycles per second. Radio waves are another frequency wave it is used for wireless communication for satellite transmission.
A slinky makes 2 vibrations in 1 second.
17 words come out of your mouth in 15 seconds. • What is the Wave Model of Light?
• The wave model of light states that light travels in waves. How far light is spread depends on how long the wavelengths are.

The E.M.S [electromagnetic spectrum] is an order of light we can see and forms we cannot see that are made of radiation that follows a certain wavelength.

The definition of radio is for transmitting sounds and information. How we would use this wave is for satellite, ovens, and astronomical objects.

The definition of infrared is heat energy. How we would use this wave is night vision, weather forecasting and a molecule.

The definition of ultraviolet is a radiation that causes the skin to darken. How we would you this wave is a chemical bond a chemical reaction and fluorescent light bulb.

The definition of x-ray is a form of radiation that shines light on the human body and shows the organs on the inside. How we would use this wave is for showing what disease that might be in the body or for scanning bags at the airport.

Check my notes for these questions in red

The definition of gamma-ray is a descendent of nuclear radiation that can be extremely dangerous. How we would use this wave is for killing cancer cells. [ but use it any other way and it will be either useless or kill you.] part a part b driving Question
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