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The Alchemist Powerpoint

Follow Santiago on his journey to his personal treasure

The Alchemist

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of The Alchemist Powerpoint

The journey of discovery Santiago's Journey WE BEGIN IN SPAIN... Santiago is a shepherd

One night in an abandoned monastery next to a sycamore tree, he has a dream about finding treasure in the Pyramids of Egypt The King Personal Legend He travels to a market, and is advised to follow his dream

One of the people is an old disguised King. This king gives him advice to follow his personal legend, and also gives him 2 stones, Urim, and Thummim, to analyze omens

The King advises him to go to Africa Definition: what you always wanted to accomplish in life.

"Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is."

The king Melchizedek says the dream is an omen to his Personal Legend Santiago's Personal Legend: He would travel to the Pyramids of Egypt and find treasure there! Next is Tangier, Morocco He goes to Tangier to sell his sheep for enough money to travel to the Pyramids

He trusts a thief who takes all his money
Santiago works at a crystal merchants shop Business was slow at the shop
Merchant accepted this
Santiago had many new ideas
sold more crystal the merchant ever sold before
Uncomfortable with this change
pg 57 "It's the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive." At the Chrystal Merchants On his way through Africa After leaving the crystal merchants, he buys
a camel ride to the Pyramids
He meets an Englishman...
There is a tribal war, and the Caravan
has to stop at an Oasis The Oasis The Alchemist Because of the tribal war, they have to stop in an oasis, where they camp untill the war is over
There, he meets Fatima, and falls in love with her
The Englishman intrests Santiago enough into Alchemy that they go together in search of the Alchemist, who can turn lead into gold Fatima is a girl who he meets at a common well
they meet every day, and talk
he falls in love with her
She is a woman of the desert, and is used to men leaving, and hopefully coming back Santiago meets the Alchemist by chance, and they get to talking.
The Alchemist explains the whispers of the wind, and the ways of the desert and the communications of the sun and nature.
The alchemist advises Santiago to go with his dream Fatima Philosophical Connection Stoics: The merchant
fear is useless
trip to Mecca
enjoy life, be proud of what you have done Sandstorm
The Eightfold Path
Soul of the world and common language of the world
love, tranquility Real World connections In this world, if you are good, good will come to you
Santiago had good intentions, and received his reward for that exact reason
Our example: If you study and work hard, you will get good grades Sometimes you find your treasure while not looking for it, or looking for something else
Santiago was looking for a treasure, and found his treasure, Fatima while looking for his Personal Legend
We may find our interests by inquiring about something else; an example is finding our major in college Real World Connections Pt. 2 Being fearless has rewards
Santiago was fearless while being a captive, and creating the desert storm, and was freed
Taking higher risks brings higher rewards
Don't try to go against fate
Santiago lets his Personal Legend lead him to his treasure
If we go against fate, we will create havoc Activity! Drops of oil
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